Reduced video quality and the Google cameras

Google reduces the quality of the video its Nest-Sicherheitskamers, in order to reduce the data consumption in times of Coronavirus pandemic of something.

In the past few weeks, numerous Streaming providers have the quality of movies and series is reduced to reduce the utilization of the networks. Now Google would like to contribute its part to the power discharge and reduces the video quality of the Nest cameras.


Priority currently in school and work

The leaders of Google, pointed out that in the current Situation of the networks, especially for the fields of learning and work are needed. This location of wool with the decision taken Account.

Possibly also a factor: The number of burglaries in countries affected by the Virus, due to the output limitations strongly decreased. The performance of security cameras is currently not so relevant as usual.

Option for users

Who is the decision by Google does not agree as a user, however, the possibility of the quality of the surveillance cameras manually again high.

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