Red Dead Online Beta – Tips & Feedback

The Red Dead Online Beta is officially available for all players of Red Dead Redemption 2 since last Friday. Rockstar has already received a lot of feedback from the community and work is continuing on the balance and fine-tuning to ensure that it is a fun and rewarding online experience for all players.

So if you would like to participate, you can send your feedback to the developers at

On this basis, there are some tips you should consider:

  • Character creation: Uses the extensive tools of the character editor to determine the appearance and facial features of your character. To further adjust a number of facial features, press X/A to use the sliders in the Adjustment section for fine tuning. You can press the right stick to quickly display your character’s face without a beard, and use L1/LB and R1/RB to quickly view it in profile. While you can make changes to your character’s hairstyle, beard, makeup, and teeth at any time at your local barber or change your clothes in the store or wardrobe, you will not be able to change permanent face details such as nose, eyes, mouth, or freckles once you have completed character creation. If you want to start from scratch with a new character, you can delete your current character and create a new one by going to the Pause menu in the PLAYER area and holding down the square/X key. Please note that this will delete your existing character and progress.
  • Player menu: Press left on the control pad to open the player menu. From here you can access many practical tools and functions: Show other players in the session or your friends, form or join a squad, manage your camp and horses, join games and series quickly, customize your voice chat options – select “Everyone” to talk to everyone near you, or limit the chat to your squad, your friends or your crew – and much more.
  • Fast Trips: Visit Fast Trip Guide to travel quickly to your squad, friends or other places on the map for a fixed amount, or to return to your camp.
  • A Land of Possibilities: Meet Horley in Blackwater to launch “A Land of Possibilities”, a series of cooperative story missions that can shoot up your honor based on your decisions or let it go to the basement. You’ll meet some characters in Red Dead Online, fight alongside other outlaws, and make a good profit. If you have made all the positive honor decisions and want to see how history changes with negative honor, you can repeat the missions and make all the negative honor decisions (and vice versa) as you drive in more profit and experience points.
  • Treasure Maps: Once you reach rank 10, you will receive a card to a treasure containing gold and cash. After that you will get another treasure map every 5 ranks. There is also a chance to find a treasure map if you plunder enemies after clearing a hiding place or surviving a raid.
  • Catalog: Hold down the left button to open the catalog and order supplies, tonic, weapons, ammunition and more while on the move. Alternatively you can order outside the game in the web catalogue of the Social Club. If ordered, you can pick up most items in the chest at the warehouse or post office, new weapons can be found on your horse, and clothes will be added to your wardrobe. All horses and saddles will be accommodated in the stable.
  • Capability cards: Uses various ability categories (combat, recovery, and defense) to survive in borderland. You can upgrade your ability cards twice and customize them at any time to suit specific scenarios: Use battle cards in attack missions where you rely on your weapons, or use defensive cards when defending a carriage.

Keep your eyes open for more Red Dead Online Beta updates and tips on Rockstar Newswire in the coming weeks and months.