Project Nova: Shooter from CCP Games starts in the Alpha

CCP Games announced that alpha access to the upcoming online multiplayer shooter “Project Nova” (working title) will begin in November exclusively by invitation. Developed in collaboration with SUMO Digital for PC, Project Nova is a hybrid shooter in the dystopian SciFi universe of EVE Online, offering tactical co-op PvE and PvP competitions coupled with a complex progression system.

The title was shown at CCP’s EVE Vegas Festival in Las Vegas and could be tested by the visitors. It is planned to continue the development hand in hand with the community to create the best shooter experience. Since player feedback is at the core of further development, visitors to EVE Vegas were invited directly to the alpha test. All other interested parties can register for Project Nova here:

In the game, gamers take on the role of a war clone – an elite clone soldier deployed against Sansha’s Nation, an illegal, totalitarian state that uses brainwashing to create compliant slaves who are monitored by the loyal ‘True Guardians’, a cybernetically reinforced elite. Players have been activated by AEGIS, Concord’s specialist defence department against external threats. In addition to intense ground battles, there will be merciless space battles in which players will eliminate valuable enemy targets to save their teammates from enslavement by Sansha’s Nation.

The history of the fight against Sansha’s nation spans several chapters in which unpredictable, arithmetically generated tasks await – as well as an adaptable enemy AI that will always challenge players anew. The addictive, team-based shooter gameplay lets players place automated defenses and other equipment, giving battles with enemy forces on a modifiable battlefield a whole new strategic depth. Players can choose from an ever-growing arsenal to accompany their progress, and unlock new weapon modifications as they master their weapons.

The progression system of Project Nova makes it possible to develop your own style of play – with an enormous variety of individualizations regarding abilities, weapons and skills. The drop suits, armoured combat suits of the war clones, are available in three variants: light, medium and heavy. Each of these classes has its own variants, and all of them can be upgraded.

Completing missions and battles in multiplayer mode unlocks different variants with individual abilities that support a variety of game styles. All dropsuits offer built-in equipment, with their power grid determining the type and amount of extensions that can be used.

In PvP mode, players can engage as mercenaries on Concord’s behalf against the Nation of Sansha alongside the battles. Players fight each other to earn money and build a reputation – and every victory contributes to that. Different jobs bring different rewards. Some jobs are clearly riskier than others, but are also better paid. The strong progression system with seasonal rewards also ensures that there is always a reason to stop by.

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