Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: rescuer team DX in the Test

More than a decade has passed since Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Team Red and Blue as one of the first Pokémon spin-offs have a place in the hearts of the Gameboy Advance, and DS Fans obtained has. After so many years, it is now actually happening: with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon rescuer team DX returns to the Pokémon spin-off on the home consoles back. But a Remake of the game from thirteen years ago, can convince even 2020? The graphic, a new coat of paint is enough – or was the game a decade ago, even stuck?

Old adventure in a beautiful new light!

The adventure starts like the Original in the usual Mystery Dungeon style, and it is as a player, a personality quiz to complete. This Quiz has been used in the past as a basis to determine the own Pokémon, whose role it is to hatch. In Savior team DX is here for the first time is not a fixed decision, which Pokémon during his journey to play in it, but receives after the Quiz is only a first recommendation. This can be ignored completely, and from the 16 existing Starter Pokémon, just the Pokémon, select which one appeals Best. Here are the various Starter types are represented, both well-known Starter like Pikachu, squirtle, or charmander, or other Non-Starter Pokémon, like psyduck, Eneco or Machollo.

For the Pokémon of his choice decided, it is also necessary to select a suitable Partner. Here can be selected from the same 16 Pokémon now, but not again the same Pokémon, yet again, of the same type. Teams from, for example, charmander and Flemmli are, therefore, not possible! This I found somewhat unfortunate, should keep the player however, probably before that in some Places in the game to fail – for example, as a pure fire team, a water boss.

Here, it should be definitely said that, depending on the team composition, the game is definitely different difficult. With, for example, Pikachu or any other electric-type Pokémon in the Team has a huge advantage, because many of the bosses belonging to the type of flight. I don’t want to do it for me but too easy and so I chose for my absolute, ultimate super team eevee and psyduck. Evoli bot, thanks to its numerous possibilities of development very well and psyduck has, especially since Detective Pikachu in the last year, just a special place in my heart had!

Eevee and psyduck to mix the Pokémon Region busy!

A real nostalgia trip from the beginning to the end

A made pokemon Mystery Dungeon: rescuer team DX already from the first second: and me on a huge nostalgia trip to send! From the first Minute, it occurred to me immediately, as it was then, when I contested my first steps in the Mystery Dungeon adventures on my DS. To see this old adventure in a new gloss – Yes Yes, read my heart for a few minutes jump is definitely higher! It was a great experience to experience the “spaces of time” in a new Shine.

So I immediately realized the great Pokémon square, which is at the heart of the “upper world” is. This One has facilities such as the Kecleon Shop for and Sell Items to the Bank for its own poke-dollars, the Kangama warehouse for the storage of Items, and many more. All of these places I had visited, even then, countless visits, and it was a bit of the feeling of “home”. The General looks away from the Dungeons, the world of Savior team DX thanks to the new graphics again a lot of living and loving. The hand-painted style gives the entire adventure a very own, incredibly compelling charm. I could have stayed forever my rounds on the square in turn, and ran frequently between my house and the Pelipper Post back and forth – just to get the graphics fully enjoy!

Also the story and characters themselves were very well placed in the scene, and both allies such as the best Savior team leader Simsala, or even old villains such as Gengar and cronies were able to Shine in the new style. Here, Nintendo has really done all the work, and the Remake convinced!

Loving Dungeon battles as ever

After a short introduction it is also in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: rescuer team DX immediately to the heart of it spin-offs: the Dungeon adventure, and rescue missions! Because what’s a rescue team would be without the corresponding orders? So eevee and psyduck are many smaller or larger help request via the Pelipper Post office, or EN large Billboard in the Pokémon village. Whether it’s about saving a Digda from a cave, or the Taubsi lost Item for sure – we are, of course, for every job, and always motivated!

These individual jobs are surrounded by the small, original story here. So many natural disasters in the world of Pokémon are happening currently, and it is up to us, the reason for this during our rescue missions to find out. Here also one or the other well-known opponents in the way and try to prevent us from facing us to bring a dark secret into the light of day.

The dungeon work fighting here, according to the familiar principle. As a Team, individual levels, find Items, or take on opponents. Against this, in the typical turn-based Fight head-on. You want to to the next level you have to look below the next flight of stairs. To find the stairs, no specific requirements need to be met – so each player can decide for himself whether he wants to level to level carefully comb through, or by the Dungeon would like to turf, and only the orders processed. There is something for every taste.

In Savior team DX was for the first time, the possible team size from four to eight Pokémon raised – what is often too much Chaos, but also so much fun, led! All in all, I could pull the fight as in the Red Team or Blue again completely under her spell. You always wanted to climb to the next level, and a job that is more fulfilling, without paying attention to the time, moved to the country.

A compelling “Risk-Reward-System”…

Prior to the start of a dungeon and you need to evaluate further which Items and how much Gold you want to take. In the case the Team is defeated, you will lose a large proportion to the whole of the Saved, as well as important Items. It is, therefore, not with the most pockets and most valuable possessions to go. At the same time, it may be, however, that one hits right in the middle of a Dungeon to a representative of the Kecleon shop. Here you can buy and then fight valuable Items for potential boss – but only if you have budgeted enough money before the beginning of the adventure with! This type of “Risk-Reward” System in the area of money and Items works very well, and knows how to reward courageous players.

To the graphical aspect of the Dungeons to be said, however: so much me, but the “upper world” and the associated history of the count, impressed, and sobered up, I was, unfortunately, as I entered my first Dungeon. Although the Dungeons have received a massive graphical Update, and now a lot more varied, were still over a decade ago, they could not keep up with, nevertheless, with the Pokémon square, or to the home of the protagonist. They work through the linear build-up is very boring and colorless, and I would have liked to see definitely that the developers would trust more. Even if it is a Remake, would have tolerated the Dungeons, just more variety, more attention to Detail, and, above all, just a little more PEP. Such tie-ins, such as the colorful Kecleon Shop, which is also seen in the Screenshot, could have just may still be something more there!

Possible random Item Shops create incentives to take the Gold on the journey. But is the risk really worth it?

… but, unfortunately, rather low level of difficulty!

Very disappointed in me Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: rescuer team DX unfortunately, the Difficulty of the game. Because even though I purposely chose not the ideal team combination – as mentioned above – I had absolutely no problems fast and to noise in just a few hours through the adventure. Because Nintendo has incorporated some of the innovations that the dungeon battles is quite less demanding than in the Original.

it is not necessary to select, for example, in the turn-based Battles now, even the best attack for a given Situation. Because it is two fields from the opponent away, it was always good to start the fight with a long-distance attack and gain a decisive advantage. This one does not have to recognize now – just hit the button “A” is always selected for the best way to attack. I found a great shame, it has taken me a bit of the fun of the Tinkering of the ideal attacks out of it.

Further, there is also an automated run mode you can activate at will. You need to move more, even in the Dungeon, but your Team is running by itself in the direction of the next Item or next steps. The Team remains the only stand up when an opponent comes near. Even if you do not need to use this mode, you pointed specifically at the beginning a few times on it. This has annoyed me quite – because Yes, the game is already released for children. But I can Imagine that many Fans of the Franchises have already reached a certain age, in which such a Feature is really necessary. Such small facilities moved, unfortunately, across the game, and took the very challenge of the missions.

A bumpy entry into the (JoyCon)control

One of the biggest drawbacks to the game was, unfortunately, in many areas of the control. The old parts were mostly on Handhelds like the Nintendo DS, where you have not had the luxury of two Joycons. On the Switch, this can be exploited, however, felt too much. Often you have to move both Joycons at the same time what can make in the size of the user in front of difficulties. At the same time the functions are overloaded on the Switch in relation to the given keys to a very.

An example of this: if you want to move in a Dungeon diagonal, you must specify this with the right JoyCon first, in which diagonal you want to go. At the same time can show but also the Press of the right JoyCons a map of the Dungeons. This bite very often, because you want to move fast, push the JoyCon only slightly, if only on a diagonal. Such Overlap I experienced in the course of the game, but unfortunately, many times, and especially in long Dungeon passages, I was really frustrated from the last level, there’s something not as worked as I would have liked.

Missing Features reduce the charm

Unfortunately, it is also – contrary to my expectation – some small Features of the original part is not in the Reamke done. In Team Red or Blue you could visit, for example, all of the Pokémon, the feast of the Savior of the team in the respective “Camps”. The were moving in small areas where the Pokémon free, and you can talk with them briefly and the Team was able to adjust. These free surfaces have been completely replaced by a rigid Interface, in which the Pokémon are only available as small Sprites are shown. Here are the most necessary settings simply make. The right feeling to make these Pokémon a joint Team, remains. In the game, some have, unfortunately, such a – once-love, full of Features, but on the track.


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon – rescuer team DX made me definitely fun. I felt in a phased manner – sometimes almost a little too much with my mid-twenties! – transported back to my Childhood, and could remember some really, again, very similar to the feeling, to Keep the Ur-game for the first Time in the hands. The new graphical Look is for me, even after the End of my adventure is still something very special. I very much hope that Nintendo continues on this also for future possible Remakes or adventure. It was just quite different than the normal “close-to-reality Graphics fireworks”, which you can find many titles from the Publisher today. In combination with the nostalgic Soundtrack that had struck my heart here Often much, much higher!

Also, the principle of the dungeon fights is definitely not out of date, but still is the basic charm of the past. You want to advance here, too, further and further, level by level, and as many of the Items dusting and Rescue missions. The Motivation of work in this area so still really good.

Rescuers team DX has, however, still major weaknesses to fight. It presented me with not too great a challenge, even though I deliberately chose not a too light Team composition. This had the unfortunate consequence that I was already in just a few hours before the final boss of the adventure – I wanted to nostalgia this Trip but very incontinently enjoy! This had disappointed me quite. Also the already mentioned problems of control, put me in front of numerous, frustrating moments, and the missing Features did the rest.

It was very difficult to enjoy the appealing Look and the loving fights completely, if there is in the total package but just serious cuts tarnish the game experience – and this left me with, unfortunately, a very unpleasant aftertaste. I had hoped for, but of rescuers team DX is a simple, colorful, and attractive adventure, rather than frustration-moments, and small disappointments. Fans of the Franchises, I can definitely recommend the first in the free Demo to get a taste of – and to decide whether the Remake is the own expectations, or not.

What is Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX is? The Remake of the Pokémon spin-offs Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Team and Blue which first appeared on Nintendo DS and Gameboy-Advance ago has a decade.
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Tested: Switch-Version
Developer / Publisher: Game Freak / Nintendo
Release: 06. March 2020
Link: Official Website