PlayStation Plus title in October 2019

The monthly games with PlayStation Plus in October, this Time a very special Remaster-pearl, as well as a sporting challenge.

The Last of Us Remastered

Genre: Action-Adventure
Release: 2014

In the multi-award-winning masterpiece, The Last of Us Remastered from Naughty Dog, players embark on a merciless journey through the ruins of the United States. Twenty years after a deadly pandemic, the unusual Combination of the fate of the hardened Joel and the tough teenager Ellie goes on the search for an antidote for the spores of the fungus, the people into mindless cannibals turn.

In comparison to the original PlayStation 3 Version of The Last of Us Remastered for PlayStation 4 with the following additional Features:

  • the beautiful, post-apocalyptic world is entirely in 1080p High Definition, explore
  • the original DLC Left Behind, the Ellie’s past in a single player prologue is told, is completely contained
  • eight new Multiplayer maps and a harder single-player difficulty
  • a look behind the Scenes of the game with comments from the actors and Creative Directors to film sequences of the game

MBL The Show 19

Genre: Baseball Simulation
Release: 2019

In MBL The Show 19 players slip into the skin of the MLB legends and compete in the ultimate Baseball duel at: Hitter against a Pitcher. Quick games, a complete RPG experience and a global Online Competition are among the highlights of the game.

PS Plus members can the two titles from 1. October in the PlayStation Store to download. Until then, you still have the Chance, the September games Batman: Arkham Night and Darksiders III to redeem.