PlayStation Now games in July

PlayStation’s cloud gaming subscription service to PlayStation Now presented in the July three new titles in the extensive library available for Streaming and Download.

Every month new games will be added, and some selected Blockbuster remain the title for a few months in the range. In June, the three video game beads, Metro Exodus, Dishonored 2, and NASCAR Heat 4 enriched the library of PlayStation Now, this month are the following titles

Watch Dogs 2

In Watch Dogs 2, players slip into the role of brilliant hacker and Marcus Holloway, the newest recruit of the DedSec group in San Francisco. Equipped with an impressive Arsenal of skills and tools – including a remote-controlled car and a drone is the entire Bay Area from San Francisco to a Playground, from Silicon Valley to the streets of downtown’s. Players will hack into every electronic device, computer systems or vehicles, collecting information on every citizen, and infiltrating the infrastructure of an entire city while fighting on the side of the Hacker Community against an immoral Establishment.

Watch Dogs 2 to 5. October 2020 in the PS Now library will be available. For more information on the game here.

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V provides intense duels with 16 cult characters, each with their own background stories and unique

strength training challenges to choose from. For more game options offer the Online and Offline games. In ranked Matches, Fight, Money may be earned in friendly matches pure fun, and in the battle lounge friends can be invited. Users of PlayStation 4, and PC can compete, thanks to Cross-Play compatibility with each other.This Version of Street Fighter V, which has the title screen of the “Arcade Edition” and includes the modes, “Arcade”, “team battle” and the Online-mode “extra struggle” in which there are rewards to earn XP and Fight Money there! By means of Fight Money for more characters, Stages, and more can be purchased.

For more information on the game here.

Hello Neighbor

In the Stealth-Horror game Hello Neighbor sneak players in the house of the neighbor, in order to reveal all the secrets in his basement. The advanced AI that learns from the actions and countered them. Players will climb, for example, through the window? Then you are expected to be the case soon, a bear. In the case of an escape attempt, the AI will quickly find a shortcut.

For more information on the game here.

For more information on the PlayStation Blog and the official website of PlayStation Now.