PlayStation 5-Event postponed

Sony has the for the 4. June planned PlayStation 5-Event due to the current Situation in the U. S. A. will be postponed indefinitely.

The official Twitter Account, Sony has canceled the Thursday scheduled Event for the time being. The message in the text:

“We have decided that for the 4. To move the June scheduled PS5-Event.

While we understand that players around the world have been looking forward to see PlayStation 5 games. We think, however, that currently not the right time to celebrate. We take a step back and want to give to those who deliver a far more important message. “

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) June 1, 2020

The reason is the current situation in the US, where the death of the black U.S.-American George Floyd, in consequence of a violent arrest by the police, country-wide protests has drawn. Also EA has delayed the planned Reveal of the Madden NFL 21 so already.

A replacement date for the event yet.