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The Norwegian developer Krillbite is trying, with his latest independent project Mosaic on the success of Among the Sleep , connect, and remains the subject of loneliness and Isolation in a large world is true, while in terms of graphics on a coherent new features added. We have thrown a first look at the Point&Click Adventure.

And every day the work greets animal?

In a near future, which is determined by large corporations, we take our nondescript and nameless protagonists. He wakes up in his small Studio apartment in the 7. Stick with the worn work clothes on, and immediately drops his gaze to the night table, vibrating cell phone. We see with a click of the mouse (Yes, that actually is the entire Gameplay) messages from mom, wishing us a nice day, and, as we will notice as a player, fast, soul-less company of the character: We come back late and be fired in a couple of days, this should happen more often.

The Stand up is hard to do considerably, so what do you do First? Of course, a strong one in the face of the rooms. If that is not enough still, you can spend the whole morning in order to beat the shit out of yourself. I have not decided in my Test to pursue my probably typical morning ritual soon, and went to me instead for the day pretty. When you Look in the Apartment you will find a few trifles, with which we can interact: bills, the stack, a TV that you can use, as well as a few games on the phone. That was it though. It seems to be a very dreary life we may experience.

My Butterfly Effect

On the way to work we encounter unpleasant situations experienced by each of us: Unwelcome looks from other people, bad weather, without an umbrella with you at all times, or the dull plod Then, on the way to work, and leads to the Overlook of one of the cars almost an accident.

However, our dreary everyday life is interrupted, even if only for a short moment, also beautiful: So we see a Golden butterfly that glides through the rain, seemingly glittering and gleaming through the air. We can lead the butterfly for a short time by a construction site, while our name trottet loser friend slowly afterwards, and nothing else can be. A brief Moment of freedom and happiness comes through him on the Sidewalk next to the noisy traffic. Shortly thereafter, the butterfly is cut by a fan into pieces. But our character is probably already already dead on the inside, because it touches a piece or it is the General look of the game, which allows for no Facial expression.

We arrive in the office, find us in front of our PC, and may even begin the work. These small Mini-Games, I have to solve what presents itself as more difficult than I thought out – but not because these are extremely challenging, but simply because the game doesn’t fail to explain the necessary mechanics. Whether here to be patched is, it will show.

Little Fishie, Little Fishie, Fiiiiiiiisch?!

We Wake up in our apartment. A new day, a new beginning. Well, or not. First of all, we treat whistle us back to beautiful ne back, then the phone and see what’s New in the world. The apparent answer is: Nothing, except that we come back too late. Why does this feel so familiar?

We trudge into the bathroom and see a gold fish hanging in the sink around. Why? The don’t even know the gold fish, with which we can talk. To us the choice: Take it or him in the toilet wash it down. Yes, these two options are the only ones. I choose the fish to take – what is that supposed to happen with a drying fish in the shirt pocket?

We stroll along with our suddenly, but very quietly become Goldie the countless letter boxes of the building and make our way to the beloved Job. Like the butterfly the day before, we also see something particularly beautiful, Shining, while we stroll over a highway bridge, under which a large traffic jam evaporated then, a small electric power plant with high voltage power lines, in which we are Hiking in a row directly; we don’t even need the hint of Fish. Cut, and the day begins Again …


Mosaic is a quite nice-looking Point&Click game (at the right Adventure is missing, unfortunately, is still a Lot) with a lot of potential, what is the other Story-history is concerned. It could be this year’s Out of Telltale’s to an entertaining, but good Alternative, if not for the word “if”. If I but something is missing, is that not really an emotional attachment to our, unfortunately, nameless, I can build on. The most important Element in a Story-heavy game must be to empathize with the characters, and just stay here by the heavy-handed depiction of everyday situations and of their surprising developments, unfortunately, on the track. Thus, it can happen quickly, that is when you Click quite boring. The optic is solid, but if characters have no facial expressions, is still a bitter aftertaste. If Krillbite up to the Release of the right Levers, pulls, and maybe a couple of screws fixed presses, may consist of Mosaic , a beautiful and very sad and poignant Game. Let’s hope.

A guest article by Daniel Egger

What Mosaic is? Point&Click Sci-Fi Game
Platforms: PC
Tested: Preview Version, PC Intel Core i7-7770, 32GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1070
Developer / Publisher: Krillbite Studio / Raw Fury
Release: The End Of 2019/ Beginning Of 2020
Link: Official Website