Pay tuition fees in Bitcoin? French Uni makes it possible

This example could literally set a precedent. The renowned Financia Business School from France is now adopting an innovative approach. Students can now pay their fees there in Bitcoin.

pay study fees within seconds from the wallet

Whether the new practice can bring more media attention or offer lasting added value, remains to be seen. In any case, according to Finacia Business School, there is a winner in the new payment option for students. This refers to enrollees from abroad. Because they often pay particularly high fees due to exchange fees when they want to pay their tuition fees, as the Business University currently says. Digital currencies like the Bitcoin should be advantageous here.

University offers courses around the crypto world

The development does not come as a complete surprise because the Financia School – in contrast to many universities in Europe that continue to be reluctant – has long since included courses related to the blockchain and currencies such as Ethereum in its course catalogue. According to the press office, only a few students have made use of the new payment method so far. This can be unquestionably above all due to the fact that also many young humans did not provide yet own Wallet and observe the developments at the Kryptomarkt rather from the outside. Future vintages, however, could definitely rely more on BTC payments. In the case of the cases payers could save money depending on the current exchange rate even with the payment in comparison to conventional payment methods.

Experienced partner to ensure infrastructural processing

The business school has selected Coin Capital as its cooperation partner. The startup is also active in the blockchain sector. The plans of the institution also provide for a stronger integration of the blockchain in other bureaucratic areas. For example, in the foreseeable future, different currencies will be used for payments on campus and in the university environment as a whole.