Pathfinder: Kingmaker free DLC released

Owlcat Games and Deep Silver have released the freeeDLC “Bloody Mess” for the roleplaying game Pathfinder: Kingmaker. This DLC is a small thank-you to the community and makes the game even more realistic with blood effects. And that also shortly before Halloween, what do you want more.

And this is how the new feature works:

blood trails appear on the character or creature model. Depending on how many hit points are left, these can be recognized more clearly. The first tracks appear when the character has less than 80 percent of his hit points left. Of course, not all creatures in Pathfinder can bleed. Elementals, for example, are not affected by this feature. And while humans and animals have red blood, others, such as the undead, have black blood.

To make the battle tracks disappear, the party must either rest or be healed thanks to the abilities of some characters.

You can turn this free feature on or off in the game options. The option is called “Bloodstains” and should be turned on automatically after installing the DLC.