On average, the fees for transactions in BTC network decreased by 30 %

The average Bitcoin transaction fees are according to a high-altitude flight to 3.19 USD to 08. May have fallen by more than 30%

In the Bitcoin System, the transaction charges are to 1.92 U.S. dollars. Only a couple of hours before the next Halving in the Blockchain. On 08.05.2020 the System had reached its provisional high for the charges-highest level after more than nine months. On that, the Hype reached in the Halving-the run-up to its climax and the price level of above $ 10,000 USD.

Bitinfocharts, has calculated that the fees in the network at 26. April in the average to 0.62 US dollars. However, already on 30. April increased the charges to 2.94 USD. Although the fees were in the network at 03. May with an average of 1.85 USD well below its previous level. But then, they climbed quickly to the highest level since July, 2019 3.19 USD.

Since August, 2019, the fees were constant under the brand name of 1.75 USD, they fell on the 25. January is also a low point with 0.33 USD. On 5. April, you have come with up to 0.38 USD.

The flight to 3.19 USD corresponds to an average increase of almost 300 % to a Level that had not been reached for over nine months. The fee increase was almost 6 % of the total Mining rewards on 30.04.

14 hours in front of the 3. Halving fell, the BTC transaction fees of 14 %

The Countdown to the third Halving of Mining rewards in Bitcoin System to be running on all cylinders. On the morrow it is so far. Although the transaction fees are increased, indicates Bitinfocharts at the time of writing on a fees decrease on a well-1,92 USD on average.

The fees for transactions are based on the in Bytes, of the specified transaction size. They rise if Miner in the transaction prefer a selection from the Mempool transactions with high prices. Fees an indication that a User on the network more to pay for their transactions by miners is preferred and faster to be processed increases.

The fees were already increased to several all-time highs, as the Bitcoin, its price rally to the highest price in 2017 was climbed.

The last Halvings have the fees clearly on the rise. For example, the fees for Bitcoin transactions surpassed in July 2016 on the way to the second Halving the mark of $ 0.60.

Between the 8. and 22.12.2017 the average fees increased during the former BTC-altitude flight in the direction of $ 20,000 also rapidly. At that time, the fees recorded a rise of around 30 US dollars at the beginning of a month, to $ 55, on average – only a short time after the all-time high for the Cryptocurrency.

However, the charges in large Parts of the year 2018 and 2019, into had fallen. In January 2019, it was then time for a fee increase, a preliminary upper limit reached, the charges on the 27.06.2020 lie at 6.55 USD.

The increasing positive mood of the User in the network will have a high probability of significantly increasing average fees.