Norton Security 2019: Various antivirus solutions on offer

Amazon offers several packages of Norton software. The highlight is 18 months of Norton Security Deluxe 2019 for five devices for 25.49 Euro.

Are you looking for a new antivirus program at the turn of the year? Amazon reduced four packages with Norton Security Deluxe 2019 on Wednesday. Starting at 16.88 Euro you will receive a license key by e-mail, which will bring you an annual subscription for three devices for Norton Security Deluxe Antivirus 2019. The code usually costs about 20 Euro.

The most rewarding package is an activation code by post for 25.49 euros. This brings you an annual subscription for Norton Security Deluxe 2019 for 18 months on five devices. Usually you pay about 30 Euro for this package.

Who can still not get anything out of purely digital purchases, gets for 18.74 euros also an activation card with license key by mail for the small package. This brings protection functions against viruses and espionage software as well as for your identity and online transactions. In addition, there are parental controls, firewall, expert support and access to the online portal.

  • Norton Security Deluxe 2019 – 3 devices / 1 year for 18.74 Euro (post)
  • Norton Security Deluxe 2019 – 3 G. / 1 J. for 16,88 Euro (E-Mail)
  • Norton Security Deluxe 2019 – 5 G. / 18 M. for 25,49 Euro (Post)
  • NSD 2019 (Cyber Security Edition) – 5 G. J. for 24,88 Euro – (Post)

Besides the mentioned 18-month code for Norton Security Deluxe there is also the limited Cyber-Security-Edition. This costs 24.88 euros (code by post) for five devices and one year. Included are a VPN service with unlimited bandwidth and other encryption technologies for your data traffic. For this version of the Norton software you usually have to pay more than 30 Euro. Currently, the “street price” is almost 33 Euros.

The price of Amazon’s Norton packages is at a very good level. If you want to switch from a free or alternative antivirus solution now, you have a good opportunity to buy.