Newsflash: IOTA Tangle Insert, Ripple Adaption, Trezor Update and Bitcoin Bullrun

The IOTA Tangle has great potential, the opportunities of which are increasingly recognised by industry. The decentralized vehicle data platform carVertical has also published a new video that shows the latest strategies for implementing the IOTA tangles (freely translated):

An OBD (on-board diagnostic) device collects data from your vehicle and sends it to the IOTA-Tangle. When your vehicle is driving, it is constantly checked by GPS. Coordinates, motor status and battery level are stored as an IOTA transaction.

When the vehicle stops in the paid parking zone, carVertical.CITY automatically records the parking start time and price in the zone. When you leave, an app autonomously executes a new IOTA transaction, indicating that your parking is complete and defining the cost of the service.

The following video shows the exact range of functions.

Ripple’s collaboration with SEB bears first fruits

The RippleNet network has more than 120 active partners using different Ripple software solutions such as xCurrent or xRapid.

The long-term partner of Ripple SEB, a large Swedish financial group, draws a positive conclusion about the previous use of the xCurrent payment solution. Paula da Silva, Head of Transaction Services Company, says development is being driven (freely translated):

Last year there was only one customer at that time. Now all SEB customers have implemented cross-company transfers between Sweden and the USA on the Ripple platform. So we have a few billion of them. We try to understand how this works and what we need to do even better.

We’re really proud to be working with Paula and her team at SEB. Super results from a great customer and Ripple partner. #internetofvalue

– Marcus Treacher (@marcus_treacher) November 7, 2018

Trezor adds 9 new crypto currencies

The second largest hardware wallet manufacturer in the world, Trezor, has implemented 9 new digital currencies per system update. These include Monero, Cardano, Stellar, XRP, Tezos, Decred, Groestlcoin, Lisk, Zencash and Zcash.

Big news today! Largely thanks to the community effort, new firmware version 2.0.9 for Trezor Model T now includes a support for an array of new coins. A new firmware version 1.7.1 for Trezor One has been also released with full WebUSB support!

– Trezor (@Trezor) November 7, 2018

Bloomberg sees chance for Bitcoin-Bullrun at the end of the year

The renowned online trade journal Bloomberg sees positive signs of a potential Bitcoin bull run at the end of 2018 (freely translated):

A technical indicator of an index that tracks some of the largest digital currencies indicates that the crypto industry is ready to break out of its recent slide and start a rally.

The MACD (moving average convergence divergence) index for the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index showed its first positive divergence in a month. This corresponds to an upward trend at Bitcoin, which accounts for around 30 percent of the fund.

leading eToro market analyst Mati Greenspan agrees with the report and is confident for the foreseeable future, although other experts such as Mike McGlone, analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, disagree.