Newsflash: Bitcoin and XRP, Tron dApps, Monero Ring Signatures

Bitcoin vs. XRP

Ran Neuner, presenter of the TV show “Crypto Trader” on CNBC and founder of OnChain Capital has declared via Twitter that crypto investors should refrain from Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and invest exclusively in XRP.

I can’t tell if this is a joke or not…

– Fuadiansyah (@fuadviking) November 17, 2018

In the tweet, he emphasized the effects of the Bitcoin Cash hash war: “These hash wars show why everyone should get rid of BTC and BCH and just put all their money into XRP,” tweete Neuner. Within the Twitter crypto community, the tweet sparked a lot of discussion. Also, the community is not sure if Neuner really meant the mail seriously or just made a joke. In the past, Neuner was more likely to be noticed for describing Ripple’s XRP token as useless and superfluous in the Ripple network.

However, the figures currently speak a clear language for an investment in XRP. As Twitter user Christian Schneider noted, the XRP price rose by +113% compared to November 17, 2017. Bitcoin fell by -29%, Ethereum by -46% and Bitcoin Cash by -64%.

Just saying… November 17, 2017:
1st BTC ~ $7,800
2nd ETH ~ $330
3rd BCH ~ $1,100
4th XRP ~ $0,23

November 17, 2018
1. BTC ~ $5,550 (-29%)
2. XRP ~ $0,49 (+113%)
3. ETH ~ $175 (-46%)
4. BCH ~ $390 (-64%)
Thanks @panosmek for this …

– Christian Schneider 💧 (@CSchneider_1978) November 17, 2018


The latest figures from DappReview show that decentralized apps in the Tron network have more transaction volume than Ethereum and EOS. The most popular dApps are gambling and gambling dApps, which account for over 99% of all transactions.

No.1 DApp on ETH
IDEX – 2430 ETH txn volume in last 24 hours

While on #TRON@TRONbet has over 422 MILLION #TRX txn volume

DappReview is the first DApp platform supporting #TRON DApps.
Check and play TRON Dapps at @Tronfoundation

– DappReview (@dapp_review) November 17, 2018


Professor Joseph Liu received an award from the Australian Computer Society (ACS) at the end of October 2018, honouring his recent achievements with the title “ICT Researcher of the Year”. Liu is the creator and development manager of the ring signature algorithm – a central technology used in Monero – which he originally conceived and published in a paper in 2004.

RingCT (as it is colloquially known) has since become best known for its implementation in Monero, the best-known anonymity-centric crypto currency. On his website, Liu remembers that his invention was used without recognition within Monero.

I googled with the use of the (linkable) ring signature,” suddenly the word Monero came out. Meanwhile I know that this crypto currency (currently number 10) uses my doctoral thesis as core technology (they call it RingCT). (They didn’t tell me, didn’t acknowledge me and of course didn’t give me any reward!)

Liu is currently a lecturer at Monash University in Australia and also works as a consultant for the crypto project Hcash.

I have nothing to do with Monero. Currently I am working on a new crypto currency Hcash instead!