New S2F model predicts a Bitcoin price of 288.000 USD until 2024

The controversial Analyst who joined last year on the Plan, after he had applied first to the Stock-to-Flow model (S2F) to Bitcoin (BTC), has revised his model to create a new forecast for the leading crypto-currency.

In a new Blog post, PlanB says that the latest model takes into account the evolving narratives of Bitcoin in the last 10 years. He says that the Transition of the crypto-currency of a use case is connected to the other with certain “financial milestones”. To illustrate his point, followed PlanB the changing narratives of Bitcoin, from its beginnings as a Proof-of-Concept to its potential use as a means of payment and its reputation as a digital Form of Gold and as a financial instrument. The next Phase of the narrative of Bitcoin to predict, identify, PlanB BTC-phase as a Cluster, takes the time out of the equation and integrates silver and Gold in the model.

With the phase-transition-perspective from BTC-clusters as different assets I can hold other assets such as silver and Gold in the model. This makes it a true Cross-Asset model. I call this new model the BTC S2F Cross-Asset (S2FX) model. The S2FX model allows the evaluation of various assets such as silver, Gold and BTC with a single formula.

According to the new model, the price of Bitcoin is up to the end of 2024 at 288.000 dollars:

The S2FX model of the next BTC Phase/the next BTC estimates the market value of cluster (BTC S2F will 2020-2024 56) to 5.5 USD. This corresponds to a BTC price (in the case of 19 million in BTC in 2020-2024) of 288.000 USD. On the basis of the original S2F-study the facts known to the S2FX model offers a new way of thinking about the Transition from BTC in the fifth Phase.

Crypto-analysts and Influencers are divided about whether it makes sense, the Stock-to-Flow model, which is usually applied to precious metals, to a digital asset such as Bitcoin apply. What concerns PlanB, the pseudonymous Analyst has worked on the continuous improvement of the S2F model, which divides the circulating supply of a product by its annual production, to keep track of scarcity, and to forecast the future value. The new prediction is that BTC could reach 288.000 USD, is his third. The original S2F-model of PlanB showed that Bitcoin would be between 2020 and 2024 at around 55,000 USD. The second incarnation of the model predicted that Bitcoin was the best way to achieve in the same period, USD 100,000.

Tim Draper promises to eat raw eggs, when his Bitcoin (BTC) prediction fails

In the past few years, it was for the price of Bitcoin (BTC), a large range of predictions, such as $50.000, $100.000, $250.000, $1.000.000 and $2,000,000. All of these predictions are speculation, until one or two of them occur, however, remain. Tim Draper made his prediction about two years ago. And the venture capitalists is determined that Bitcoin (BTC) will be in 2023, $ 250,000, in contrast to John McAfee, who has played a few weeks ago his prediction of 1 Million $ for BTC down, describing them as a Trick, with the new investors attracted should be.

The capital investor Tim Draper, said during the Virtual Blockchain Week that the benefits of Bitcoin for retailers to be one of the catalysts for the rapid growth and adoption of Bitcoin will be. Said to his prediction, he:

That’s my forecast. I’m sticking to it. I am very confident that this will happen. This is going to happen. It is kind of funny.

He also admitted that he would not eat a raw Egg, if Bitcoin (BTC) reached until the beginning of 2023 the $ 250,000, as he had predicted.