Netflix-Phishing: police warns of security risk for credit card data

Beware of E-Mails which come purportedly from the Streaming provider Netflix! According to the police, and Phishing Attempts to steal credit card data are piling up.

If the access to the streaming provider is suddenly denied, it can be extremely annoying. The idea of being able to not be on the latest episode of the favourite series in, is for many Film and TV fans a real nightmare. This fact also con artists. As the police of lower Saxony reported, will be shipped these days, increasingly Phishing E-Mails in which the sender poses as Netflix.

In the dubious Mails tells the recipient that his Netflix Account was blocked from above-mentioned reasons, and in a short time all the available. To restore access, you will have only 48 hours to verify with the personal Login and credit card data. The given Link leads to a phishing website where the information of the scammers are tapped.

Particularly perfidious: Who actually enters his data, is then passed to the real Netflix page so that the entire process will appear subsequently hardly suspicious. However, the E-Mails on the basis of typos and questionable sender-address of savvy users easily as a phony expose.

However, you should to the trick to be like fraud, immediately contact your credit card provider and you can also change the Netflix password. For more information about Netflix Phishing e-Mails can also be found in the help Center for Netflix.