NEO brings file sharing platform “NeoFS”: How to use Dropbox and Amazon S3

NEO is also called the Chinese Ethereum, not least because of the complexity and possibilities offered by the ecosystem. Through an innovative cooperation the development team wants to extend the functions of the NEO Blockchain.

On 30.11.2018 NEO announced a cooperation with NSPCC to expand NEO with a distributed data storage system. NeoFS should be easier to use than Dropbox and Amazon S3 and give users back control over their data. NEO is a blockchain platform with its own crypto currency that can be used to build a scalable network of decentralized applications in a wide variety of programming languages.

Distributed storage is an important cornerstone of online software and web services. This step is intended to attract developers at the corporate level through the new opportunities for the NEO platform. NeoFS is intended to allow users to use parts of the memory for both private and public applications based on NEO (freely translated):

Often enough the server [that stores your data] is owned by a large company, and that company becomes the owner of your data…. You can take a look at what you share to sell you something or tell you something. So why not get back control with NeoFS?

After starting NeoFS the memory can be purchased with GAS (CGAS NEP-5). During the test phase there will be no fees for the users for the time being. NEO states that further payment options, including Fiat, will follow. An encryption technique called “homomorphic hashing” ensures that the data can be securely managed and accessed.

NSPCC is a research company founded to support the NEO ecosystem. The company is managed mainly by the City of zion, an independent group of open source developers. Among the founders are Fabian Wahle and a number of engineers from the crypto currency industry. The following video shows how to use NeoFS: