Music giant supports Multi-million Dollar Ethereum competitor

The Ethereum Ecosystem is still the first choice for developers, the programming dApps and other decentralized applications, testing and wish to develop. In the meantime, the application range of wild sweet crypto-cats, ranging up to large projects the far-reaching resources, and scalability. Hitmaker will soon get another way to connect with Fans around the world.

The Warner Music Group is one of a plurality of investors, the support Flow, a new public Blockchain, the Ethereum is very similar and the Programming allows to develop distributed applications in a large scale. Flow was developed by Dapper Labs, the company behind the formerly successful game crypto kitties, and has collected 11 Millinoen dollars in a new financing round.

Roham Haregozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs, describes Flow as a worthy competitor to Ethereum:

Flow is a Blockchain which was designed from the ground up to support powerful Ecosystems of Apps and Games without compromising the decentralization. Bitcoin and Ethereum show how crypto can make the financial world more open and transparent; Flow will do the same for the consumers of entertainment and culture.

Flow describes that the company will support a whole range of different applications in order to connect Fans with artists and Fans by crypto-Token, so that millions of people can act in a verified, authentic, limited-edition digital Memorablien in real-time.

Jeff Bronikoswski, Senior Vice President of Global Digital Business Development at Warner Music Group, is found in fire and flame a Partner who understood the Vision immediately and a development plan already provides (freely translated):

Warner Music is always in search of new opportunities for our artists and dedicated to the exploration of new technologies to enable this. When we met with Dapper Labs, they instantly understood our Vision and tried to strengthen the partnership through this strategic investment.

The scope of application of crypto-currencies goes far beyond the financial sector. Many of the projects in the crypto universe to understand itself primarily as a digital monetary unit. This includes, for example Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Tether count. However, there are much more complex undertakings, such as Ethereum, TRON, or VeChain, which include a wide range of applications for different companies from almost every sector of the economy. As Warner’s first Blockchain-investment can allow you to Flow the creation of and trade in valuable digital fan-art, which is signed by major pop stars like Pitbull, David Guetta or another.

Dapper Laps developed Flow also to the 135 billion Dollar Gaming open up industry. In addition to Warner Music, the Canada-based company has more Content partnerships with Ubisoft, the Erinder of Far Cry, Just Dance and assassin’s Creed, the first game company that was built on Flow, completed. Yat Siu, co-founder of Animoca Brands, is firmly convinced that the game industry is ripe for the use of the Blockchain technology (freely translated):

We believe that crypto is the future of the game industry. In order to support the order of magnitude that is expected of Games to reach the Mainstream consumer, and accepted by him, we need a strong platform, which takes into account the needs of developers and the super powers of the decentralized entertainment, which is why we will work with Dapper Labs to make a fun, accessible experience to Flow.

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