Multicoin’s Samani: BitMEX was not alone, for Bitcoin Crash, is responsible

The managing partner and co-founder of the crypto-Hedge Fund, Multicoin Capital, Kyle Samani, fee said via a Blog that is not BitMEX with his failure alone for the massive price fall of Bitcoin, at 12. March was responsible. Rather, the market inefficiency, and the inefficiency of the Bitcoin Blockchain was to blame.

Samani drew his own conclusions to the Bitcoin price fall of 12. March. He published a Blog post with the title “12. March: The day the crypto market structure broke“ by the terrorist attack on the crypto market and the fall of the Bitcoin price in a single day by nearly 40 percent, describes the Post-Mortem. According to Samani, the crash was fueled only by the cascading liquidations to the value of 890 million dollars on the crypto-derivatives exchange BitMEX, but not caused.

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— Kyle Samani (@KyleSamani) March 17, 2020

In the publication, Samani explains that it is on the 12. March movements on the crypto-market, which were about 13 hours apart, were two large down. BitMEX has since been denounced for the first downward movement, the CEO of the rival derivatives exchange FTX went so far as to claim that the price of Bitcoin, due to the inefficiency of the liquidation machine of BitMEX to zero would have together can break, if the Team behind the 100-fold Leverage stock exchange, Bitcoin would not have interrupted the trade during the crash for 45 minutes. Samani agreed with this serious allegation in writing to:

At a time when there are only ~20 million dollars on Offer in the entire BitMEX to liquidate the order book and over $ 200 million in Long positions. This means that the price of BTC in the short to crash to 0 dollars if BitMEX would not have been closed due to “maintenance”. Given the Central Position of BitMEX in the structure of the crypto market, this price movement on all the other BTC could trade places spread.

The Seychelles-based company BitMEX published after the event a number of declarations, in which it was claimed that the failure was caused by a sophisticated Botnet attack, the Hardware-have exploited vulnerabilities. However, Samani, a market commentator and a regular contributor to the Multicoin-blog says, the BitMEX-disaster had been more of a Symptom of a strong market inefficiency and not the cause of the crash of BTC.

According to Samani, the BitMEX-order book could not be brought during the ordeal quickly enough back into balance, because it came up in the Bitcoin Blockchain to shortages which has been exacerbated by the closure of many miners yet. In fact, the average confirmation times were increased at the time of the crash to a Seven-month High, while the Hash began to tilt Rate. Arbitrageurs play an important role in efficient and rational markets by keeping the price differences between trading venues as low as possible, were not able to BTC on BitMEX to Deposit and a delivery on the buyer’s side to offer.

The modernization of the infrastructure of BitMEX would reduce the chances of a similar event in the future, said Samani, but in the end, the Fund Manager is not made to the low rate of Bitcoin for the debacle, since the company is currently in a position “to support the capital market activities on a global level”. In comparison to the approximately 5 billion dollars of trade volume, the crash of Bitcoin on the 12. March-made, handles the global foreign exchange market daily of about 5 trillion dollars, almost a thousand-fold.

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