Movie Review: Gemini Man

Will Smith has proved in the last few years, not a very good knack with regard to the selection of his roles. The earlier a guarantee for a Hit now has a non-safe collection of cash on flops (After Earth), and of the criticism of torn strips (Collateral Beauty) in his Vita. His latest Film, Gemini Man, an Action game with Science-Fiction Touch, after the trailers and a look at the Crew behind the camera, are in sight.


When it comes to dirty Jobs for the government, there is no one Better than Henry Brogan. Unmatched sharp, expert in the weapons of Sagittarius, use and melee, familiar with all the Tricks of the overt and covert struggle. After his last order is almost gone awry, he decides to retire. When he finds out, however, that he sent to his superiors in the last order under the wrong conditions, he wants to go to the bottom of it.

Unfortunately, Henry’s curiosity finds no love in the organization, and before he knows it, he has a kill command on the neck. Together with the young agent, Danny, to him, would have followed, gets rid of the force and disappears in the underground. Soon, however, another Killer is the two of them on the heels and carved out of a completely different wood. An opponent of Henry is more than a match, which seems not only to have the same abilities as he has, but to think just like him. So when he would go hunting himself.



Probably the most remarkable and most extraordinary aspect of the Gemini Man is the fact that Smith is here in a double role is to be seen. In and of itself is not a novelty, especially in a Sci-Fi Story about cloned soldiers, but the other I is 25 years younger than he is. Even if there were already see a handful of digital Tapers in the cinema, so credible, as here, has never looked like this. The young player looks like he’s sprung directly from The fresh Prince of Bel Air. The Software wizard will create the Illusion of two co-existing Want to get Smiths from different decades, consistently maintained, and to make the audience not think about it.

The same can unfortunately not be said about the Story or the screenplay. Quite apart from the fact that the Plot is about a protagonist, who is suddenly his (or multiple) clone, compared to just new, it also lacks writing quality. So, in addition to a few more dialogs at the beginning, especially the terribly schmaltzy at the end of ashamed almost foreign. No one on this earth leads to such a spread, and cheesy conversations. A villain whose Motivation makes no sense, and miles wide of the predictable twists and turns coming. At all stay as well as all the secondary characters are paper-thin secondary, the leadership seems only to Exposition or Plot-more to be there.

Really good, the Action is successful. This is especially true for sequences without “clone-super-powers”, and are fortunately in the majority. A few moments of the first meeting of the two Smiths and the slightly raised Finale, the Action is pleasantly close to the ground of reality, and is surprisingly well staged. So good, in fact, one of the Highlights as John Wick , or Atomic Blonde reminds feels. Part of a long, creative perspectives captured settings, generate a remarkable level of tension. Unfortunately, the fun is too often and too long from the, as mentioned above, very little exciting Plot interrupted.


As might already know from the previous rows to see is, can Gemini You from a technical point of view, to fully convince. Camera wizard Dion Beebe delivers excellent work and also Ang Lee will not be disappointed at the Director’s chair. The CGI of Will Smith’s face represents a new scale and also the Rest of the effects can be absolutely convincing. There are a handful of cool Stunts and Setpieces. The Soundtrack fades a little in all of this, what is offered to the eye a little, which makes him not bad, but hardly worth mentioning. Also with regard to the occupation, there is nothing to report exciting. Smith makes his case well, without, however, ever real class. The Rest of the Cast is doing its thing well, but none of the roles is enough for a really good game to allow.


Gemini It’s probably not the stuff that Will Smith the long-awaited Blockbuster success to create. A Sci-Fi Action Film that somehow manages to hide the Sci-Fi part until the final in the Backstory and the well-known Plotline has nothing to add, really New. Ridiculous dialogues and a soaking-dripping at the end will be painful. Only the optical implementation and the Action can really convince. And even if this may be sufficient for the inclined moviegoers for an entertaining evening, for a beyond mediocre rich end of the standings it does not unfortunately.