More security through Proof-of-Work-correction, ETC

By a algorithm-the exchange Ethereum Corporation wants to bring more security in the ETC-Blockchain. A test network already exists.

Developer broad Community change ideas

Changes in the structures of the Blockchain are discussed in many systems, the crypto world is often hot from the users. Because if in the case of Bitcoin and co. new paths or Revisions to existing Standards be made for participants more or less significant consequences. Also, the developers of Ethereum Classic (ETC) draw current, a Change in the Blockchain into consideration. It comes to possible changes in the algorithm for Mining, so the process of creation of new units. In collaboration with a Partner of the ETC Corporation, the Community wants to implement promptly the proposed Amendment in the act. Prerequisite is the approval by the members of the Community is unquestionable. More secure the Blockchain is, by the so-called “Keccak256” algorithm is corrected in his previous function.

Ethash not timely, and useful for, ETC?

The said Partner of the well-known service provider white block, the castle, together with the ETC Cooperative a contract is. There are different aims of cooperation, the ETC is to distinguish in the case of success of some other currency such as Bitcoin or Ripple to be positive. An example of the impact of the Change for better interaction opportunities in the network, and also the dangerous of 51% should be able to be fended off attacks better in the future. For the Change in the Ethereum Classic developers are focusing on new Hardware for Mining, to listen to the name of SHA-3 ASICs. The starting point for the Change is the knowledge of the officer, the “classic” Ethereum algorithm Ethash there is a lack of the necessary Suitability for use in Ethereum Classic. A test network exists under the name “Astor” according to various sources already, which is to be used to support the project.

New incentives for the Miner to surrender to

The Keccak-migration would also have an increase in ETC-Hashrate result. At the same time, the attack should decrease risk. Thus, the developer can change the Proof of Work, it needs the implementation of a new Forks, this step should pose no special challenge for the network. The succeed without further problems, could switch to a new Miner to ETC, what would once again to do the hash rate is good. No later than this shows, ultimately, how more security is to be created. While Ethereum is currently being dug out of the ground by about six million GPUs, in the case of ETC, only 800,000 of the GPUs. The test network is to ensure a trouble-free Transition. To conclude, the developers want to change to the SHA-3 Mining algorithm on time for the last quarter of the current year.

Featured Image: From kalhh | Pixabay