MLB The Show 20 in the Test

American sports is becoming more and more over the big pond to Europe and enjoy the country’s rising popularity. With this new awareness, more and more of the relevant sports games come to us in the Alpine Republic. While NHL, NBA, and NFL voice already sporting use have arrived in Austria, Ekes out the Major League Baseball, in short, MLB, a shadow of existence. With MLB The Show 20 want to the San Diego Studio of Sony Interactive Entertainment, this is now changing, and a little Baseball Feel in the home in the living room bring.

One thing needs to be straight to the point send, without basic knowledge in the area of Baseball and its rules is one of the your life in Sony’s Baseball-Simulation is probably not happy because MLB The Show 20 sets this out in advance and explained here only very little. You also have to be English, because the game is only available in English, as it is, for example, in the case of Madden to be the case. Presumably sales of these games outside of English is not a language area is very large, which is why there is no German localization.

“Small” Baseball Basic Course

In order to make a control to understand, you must, unfortunately, be a small digression into the rules and mechanics of Baseball, but don’t worry, it will be very brief and clear. Maybe?! Baseball can be thought of as a turn-based Sport: we are in each round, once the thrower (Pitcher) and the batsman (Batter), the more Action around these two positions, we will treat a little later. First, we look at the task of the stroke, as you can in this Phase, points. The goal is to run around the whole field, to touch the once all of the four “corners” of the Bases–. Only after a full round, there is a point. Beat is the basic principle is quite simple: the Left analog stick, you control the direction of where the blow should go, and by means of the four action buttons you can the nature of the shock change. No matter whether it is simply to drain, or full drag, the decisive factor is the date is is pressed when the Button. In the lower left corner you can see after the blow to have what time the Ball is hit. But beware, the Pitcher will throw balls that you make little or not at all, and if you react then there is a bust, the well-known Strikes. If the batter has three strikes, he is out and the Team gets called Out. A Team has three Outs, the shock goes right to the other Team. Next, we devote ourselves to the Pitcher. As a Pitcher it’s your job to give the batsman the Ball so throw that this meeting has no Chance for the Ball. But be careful, if you throw the Ball inaccurately and the Batter is not responding, you get a penalty, the so-called “Ball” and after four errors of the thrower, the hitter is allowed to go unmolested to the next Base.

But how do we throw a Ball? This happens in four steps: in the first step, you choose by means of the action buttons, the type of litter. You have selected the type and pressed, searches for her with the left analog stick in the spot where your Ball throw want. As an aid where the batsman hits the first you have a rectangle available. Outside of this rectangle, the Batter problems has hit the Ball, but it also increases the Chance of failure when casting. The positioning is completed, press one of the four action buttons to start the throw. Now a Meter that builds up will appear. By re-printing the same action button determines the strength of the throw. Here you have to react quickly, though, because the bar rushes immediately down and you have to stop the bar for a perfect throw in time. This is indicated by a range that is at the lower end of the Meter. You meet the area at the right, or approximately right, time the throw is executed with precision. If you stop to early or too late, the throw worse.

Tactics and Action away from the ball

The first tactical component relates to the Pitcher, because this has certain in addition to his basic skills two-game factors. The first is its energy; the more he throws must make, the more tired he is, and his throws will not be as strong as at the beginning of the game. However, this is not the only limiting factor, because, in addition, the Pitcher has to trust to a fluctuating self. The more Strike Outs he throws, the more confident he will need to, whereby the area is growing, the your for the perfect throw to meet. The same applies of course also Vice versa, the more the Batter hit the thinner of the corresponding area is. However, the Batter with the time tired. The longer the game, the slower this will take, allowing you more time to throw the Ball to the Bases to stop the runner with an Out.

The next component, which engages in the game is the Steal of the Base. As long as the Pitcher is not someone already on a Base is to the next sprint, without a successful impact proceed further. could throws This is the Pitcher looks but always in the corner of the eye and could react to it, and to throw the Ball before the runner to the Base. These are all actions that can occur, in addition to the main spectacle, but there is still something right on the Ball. When you meet the Ball as a Batter, los flies its trajectory, and your runner sprints. Now you give the Batter the commands whether or not he should only occupy the first Base or continue to the next may. But as a Pitcher, you have to mentally switch quickly once the Ball was hit, because now you control the player nearest to the Ball. You can catch the same directly from the air and the runner immediately with one Out, punish, or don’t have to, if this is successful, the Ball to the Base of the throw before the runner is there.

Franchise and game modes

Now time by breathed, that was a lot of Details for just a small outline of the rules. Without this Info, one would not understand many of the possible actions, however. But what the game offers me away from the actual Baseballs? You’ll receive all of the MLB Teams and players, Logos and stadiums; whether it’s the famous New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Angels, or the more unknown the Atlanta Braves, all of you are. Much more important, however, the possible types are, how you can ride the game the best. No longer is it enough only in the corresponding sports in the best possible way to simulate. The players want more variety, and that is in MLB The Show 20 also included. Of course, at the forefront of the “Play Now” mode that allows you to enter directly into the game with or against friends. It is also possible to start your own League. On Board a season is also a mode under the title, “March to October”, in which you and your Team to the World Champion can lead.

But here’s the conclusion of a career mode, “Road to the show is not yet”, is an integral part of the selectable game modes. Here you can watch as a young player on the Scouting Combine to the confirmed starters in the MLB work. Nice here is that you can determine your character traits, self, which in turn leads to different options in the dialog mode. The known here to the country from Fifa, feels in MLB The Show 20 but something more realistic, but also less pompous to. For the managers among you, something is also there. With the mode “Franchise” you can, through your choices a Team to the title and, in addition, conduct. Behind the Motto of “Diamond Dynasty”, in turn, a mode we Europeans know more under the name of “Fifa Ultimate Team” (FUT) is hidden. Here is your Team of players can put together, you get out of baseball card Packs.

Heiter bis wolkig

Up to here everything sounds like a pleasant game for baseball enthusiasts, but only almost. The game itself is quite successful, but you realize that the last cut is missing. As a player, referee, field, and environment look very good, but marred again by the plump-looking audience greatly. In the way to be played can offers MLB The Show 20 , in turn, a lot of possibilities. You can watch the games as a TV Event to complete, but the long pauses with Interviews, and so on. Players with little time, accordingly, a very fast mode, where it goes blow on blow, without a lot of bells and whistles. But also a mix of both variants is possible. Is marred the total image only by the fact that the model of the reporter of honour is reminiscent of the early years of this Millennium. Difficult is that, in spite of the excellent Tutorials, during the game, the Baseball rules themselves are not explained. Now we have to say, however, that this is happening in the other sports games also. And yet, it is precisely in the case of MLB The Show 20 unfortunately, a tightrope walk, because our well-known kinds of sports are in the basics is often very easy to understand, whereas the American often a very rule-intensive. However, the main target audience of the game you don’t need a basic course, as this grows up usually with the Sport. The biggest shortcoming of the micro-transactions in the Diamond mode, therefore; these are strongly reminiscent of the business practices of EA and disturb the overall impression considerably.


MLB The Show 20 is a wonderful Baseball Simulation, in addition to the Franchise relevant content everything brings to the table what the Fan heart desires. It plays wonderfully liquid, is easy to learn but hard to master. The title leaves open in terms of alternative ways to play and is well balanced. Unfortunately, this experience can only enjoy people who know how the rabbit in the Baseball running. To understand the basics of the sport, nothing’s going on here, and even then it is in stages is difficult. You would have given a little more effort in single Details, and the cash cow Basball Ssammelkarten omitted, the game would be a real Genre-model. So a miracle at the end, after all, inflatable baseball game, which will delight the Fans of the sport for sure. Small tip on the edge: in the PS Store the game for around 50 € as the Standard digital Version is available.

What MLB The Show 20 ? 15. Edition in Sony’s Baseball simulation series based on the North American Major League.
Platforms: PS4
Tested on: PS4 Pro
Developer / Publisher: San Diego /Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release: 17. March 2020
Link: Official Website