Messaging brings a heavy weight from Japan to Line its own crypto exchange

81 million people can buy Bitcoin, XRP, ETH, BCH, and LTC via the Messaging service Line. This step will ensure that you get bitcoin-friendly country of Japan to a further adaptation of the crypto-currencies, and for the growing confidence and acceptance to worry about.

Line is the most-used Messaging Service in Japan, and thus constitutes a counterpart to the world-wide used Whatsapp. More than 81 million people use the Service of Line in their own country per month, so that a large critical mass comes into contact with Bitcoin. The Tokyo Central Line had previously introduced in July of 2018, an internationally oriented stock exchange called the Bitbox, which offers services worldwide, with the exception of the United States and Japan.

With the new home market for Bitmax, the company that it is ready to open up their largest market (freely translated):

While a number of existing exchanges already have a large customer base, sees the LINE, the crypto-currency exchanges is still in its infancy and looks in the industry, the potential for even more growth.

The exchange will be offered via the digital Wallet of the Line and the connection with the Line Pay Service, fast deposits and withdrawals in Yen allows.

At the new stock exchange should be guaranteed, especially in the area of safety, the best possible safety standards are integrated and implemented. In the year 2018, the Hack the crypto currency stock exchange Coincheck has caused a stir in the world. It is stealing thieves managed to NEM in the value of 500 million USD. Then, the stock market in Japan was accused before the court and investigates how this Vorall actually could happen. To avoid a similar scenario again, particular attention is being paid to the safety (freely translated):

The experienced Team behind the Design, construction and operation of the LINE platform for the development of the security environment of BITMAX responsible.

In the framework of the crypto-currency security BITMAX uses the highly secure Wallet of BitGo Inc., a U.S. provider of world-class technologies. BITMAX separates and also manages clients ‘ assets from their own company and store crypto-currencies in a cold Wallet.

A dedicated Team was specifically for the management of the Cold Wallet self-selected, as part of the commitment LINE, the most reliable and to offer the first Service.

Unfortunately, it has come in the past, often to hacker attacks of crypto-currency exchanges, since they are a popular target for robbers. Large exchanges such as Coinbase have come to form a separate Custody Service (storage service) for their customers. In the process, many companies rely on the Ledger-supplied technologies, which is regarded as the Benchmark in this area.

Crypto-investors want the best possible protection for their invested capital, are able to think about the purchase of a Hardware Wallet. Here, the Private Key never got in contact with the Internet and is therefore in the best way possible from hackers and Phishing attacks. An investment in such a device can be in the case of Gold value.

Featured Image: Wit Olszewski | Shutterstock