Launch Trailer to Ghost of Tsuhima

Sony PlayStation and developer Sucker Punch have released the Launch Trailer for the Action-Adventure Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima from developer Sucker Punch Productions enables PlayStation 4 players from the age of 17. July, in the evocative feudal Japan of the middle ages. In the year 1274 the island of Tsushima Invasion of the Mongolian army is more visible. The Protagonist Jin Sakai, who was trained by his uncle, a Samurai who is compelled to give up his code of honor and to be the “spirit” of Tsushima, in order to fight the Invasion with all the means and help to keep Japan from going under.

The Open-World epic will appear on the 17. July in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, unedited from the age of 18 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.