Landlord-Go – Mix of Pokemion Go and Monopoly

To Pokemon Go and its offshoots, we are now on a new title to look forward, the Augmented Reality makes Use of, and this is sent with the real estate hunting of Monopoly combined. The game Landlord Go is also in Austria to the already large popularity, so are in Vienna for about 18 879 players on the go to your favorite property to secure.

With over 3 billion mobile devices on the planet today will be left trillions of data traces. Now you can in the game Landlord GO this mixture of the virtual and the real world. Landlord Go is a brand new game from the Reality that these digital “footprints” in an interesting and playful way, in order to allow players and game, some of the most famous buildings and sights in the world to buy, sell, and rent to collect. With over 1 Million players worldwide, it is the first Augmented reality game in the real world, with real buildings, real people and real prices in your city in an action-Packed strategy turn game. With more than 18 879 players to complete business for the virtual possession of more than 58 261 building in Vienna, there is no shortage of tough competition that is always ready to use.

You’re going every day through your neighborhood and see familiar landscapes and buildings. Now you can look at these everyday sights in a whole new way by owning a virtual piece of your community. Whether you are small to begin, or Grand visions have, to the Eiffel tower in Paris or the Empire State Building in New York City to have, with Landlord Go you can these visions be realized. You have unique knowledge about a part of your city, the only few others know?

This local information can Landlord Go to great profits run. If in your neighborhood opened a new Café and you think that it will be the next Starbucks, then bid for at the start of the mach, the rent of the front of the door, lined-up crowds collect. Using a massive data pools, including detailed information on more than half a billion building out of the real world, connects Landlord Go to the user with his city in an interesting and innovative new way that no other game can offer. Players can start small, local mom-and-pop stores to buy, and by skilful a huge real estate Empire Invest quickly created. You can bring property to the market or with other players in fierce range fights, falls, and so the experience of competition in the exciting real estate market directly from your phone

Landlord Go is incredibly accurate and reflects the values from the real world of real estate using Details such as distance from the city center and building equipment. Each Time another player visits Your plot, in Real Life, he has to pay You in-game rent. The more visitors you get Your property, the higher its value is. Through the use of a own AI, and the data-platform ‘Big Dots’ are the developers able to add data from the real world, everyone is a Desktop and mobile application.

The mobile Game for Android and in the Apple Store.