Kling: crypto-currencies like Bitcoin the most important Innovation since the Internet

Bitcoin is considered to be the new ‘digital Gold’, although the Volatitlität has nothing to do with the actual precious metal Gold have in common. The crypto-Investor Travis Kling sees in Bitcoin the most important Innovation since the Start of the Internet in the year 1991. Especially the persistent “wrong” policy crypto-currencies strengthens how BTC back.

The crypto-Investor Travis Kling is a clear message to the Central bankers in the world, and explains why he believes that today’s fiscal policy is to drill deeper holes in the current global monetary system. On CNN, the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Ikigai Asset Management, a Los Angeles-based crypto-Hedge-Fund describes that Bitcoin brings to the table a revolutionary concept that the current financial system will change the basic. Kling also describes that Bitcoin is needed more than ever, and adapting rapidly to continue (freely translated):

In summary, over about 500 hours of self-study in the summer of 2017, I myself was convinced that this technology would be the most important Innovation since the Internet, the first Time ever, and, as such, probably the most significant investment opportunity of a Generation would be.

Kling says that the time [for Bitcoin] is come, and that a Combination of all the circumstances, underlines the Strengths of Bitcoin as a highly disruptive force on the global stage (freely translated):

Now an incredibly interesting time from a global macro perspective is so. And it is also – to take a phrase from the Old Testament – it seems that crypto-for such a time was created with what we have banks and governments have of the money and financial policy of the Central. Big-Tech-Overreach, government overreach in General, data protection issues, the back, a kind of collective consciousness in the foreground.

Kling sees in Bitcoin a source of enrichment and global change in the currently inflationary same way as in the financial system, that a new recession is. The interest rate cuts worldwide and the Flooding capital markets with cheap money might be promptly pumping new funds into the crypto market. Kling is confident that especially scarce goods, such as Gold and Bitcoin in the long term, continue to rise in value (freely translated):

As I think about it, it is obvious that the major Central banks are all out, their currency faster than any other to devalue. And if all these Central banks do at the same time, what are you values then? She values things that have demonstrable shortages, and Gold has a demonstrable shortage. Bitcoin has even more demonstrable scarcity than Gold. In the Austrian economic language, it is the hardest money in the history of mankind.

A new study from the ING Diba has shown that a majority of the population has heard of Bitcoin, however, the matter in its full extent is not (yet) understood. However, until a worldwide use is guaranteed, have to accept the big companies like Amazon or eBay Bitcoin as a means of payment, and other prejudices. Too often, Bitcoin will be brought into the main stream media with the financing of terrorism, global warming, or money laundering in connection. To date, there are already countless studies that prove the exact opposite. Teunis Brosens, head of digital Finance and regulatory at ING from the leads to a suitable (freely translated):

If crypto-currencies to the Mainstream, are technical improvements needed. In order to win, however, a core group of enthusiasts, in addition to trust and acceptance, the belonging to the existing well-known brands is helpful. In short, crypto-currency would have to present itself to potential users within the existing financial framework, instead of positioning themselves outside of the existing financial framework.

Featured Image: Iaremenko Sergii | Shutterstock