Kingdom Hearts III, Re:Mind in the Test

Since the Release of Kingdom Hearts III , and the (at least temporary) conclusion to the Xehanort Saga is already a year has passed. The eternal villain of the series was made, the peace was restored and so some question remained open at that time. The newly released DLC for the game, Re:Mind, will now at least some of these questions.

Warning: The following Review contains spoilers for the end of Kingdom Hearts III!

On to round 3

Who will be the end of Kingdom Hearts III has reached, the may remember that Moment, in the Sora after the defeat of the light in the back was sent to be in an alternative time line for order to ensure. The Problem is that in the course of This intervention in the natural order came with a price, and the final Cutscene showed us in the game, a Sora, which dissolved in front of Kairi’s eyes, simply Nothing, without further explanation, but with a following Cutscene, which left him in an alternate Version of Tokyo awakening. Particularly interesting is this was because Kairi had just been just as dead, and Sora actually on the way to do this was to save you in spite of everything.

Exactly where includes Re:Mind now, and sends Sora a second Time back into the past – directly to the beginning of his second attempt to save the world. The goal: to bring Kairi to safety, before Xehanort can kill you. The method: As a disembodied consciousness in Sora’s heart, and the hearts of his friends hausen, to hold it there for fragments of Kairi’s heart to look for. You follow yet? Very good.

An Alternative time line or additional info?

The Exciting thing about Re:Minor is that the DLC is basically nothing in the Story changes and expands. As an Alternative, Sora we play most of the last hours of KHIII again after their fights, including get in addition to the already well-Known, a few additional and extended scenes, as well as a few new playable sequences supplied, for example, a fight with Dark Inferno c, the Sora’s Dive in Ventus‘ heart follows.

The new sequences to explain Events in the game or the Motivation of the characters is partially better, but rather to point to a new plot strands, which, for example, from the Mobile Game KHUX to come, appear, among other things, the fact that Vanitas is not just the extracted the darkness in Ventus’s, but from the beginning, as a separate entity in him existed.

All in All, most of the sequences feel, however, but primarily as the attempt, pre-existing Plotholes, or at least plot points that raised questions more accurately and smoothly-ironed. In principle would be nothing wrong with this, however, the question of whether it would have been better to do all of this, at least, from a completely fresh perspective, to expand rather than much of the last hours of play just slightly turns. Especially, when you have completed the main game (again), length of the DLC bored so fast with a previously-seen sequence one after the other, you don’t want to skip, out of concern, but to miss New. Subideal. After all, we must take a closer look at Scala ad Caelum, and there is even a little bit of exploring – in the well-known, as well as a new district.

By the way: With the Free Update, which at the same time with Re:Mind appeared, were also some of the Cutscenes in the main game adapted. Some of these Changes affect only the facial Expressions of individual characters, others change all the dialog sequences, or add even little things. Who would not want to gamble the entire game again, you can just look at everything in the Theater mode all the modified cut scenes are now marked with the call sign.

Team Effort

Off-Story additions of the DLC, presented to then but also a few nice Gameplay additions. So we are not allowed to trade only two seal (available for Collecting all the Lucky emblem or the End of the main game in a Critical fashion) against new Keyblades with new forms, but also in several of the Fight at the Keyblade Graveyard to choose whether we want to continue to drag Sora in the dispute, or rather a different character, in the Precise Riku, Roxas, Aqua, and even Kairi. All four characters come with their own special forms, the apply for their passages, however, the Level and the items and spells (Shortcuts) of Sora.

In addition, can be selected when starting a new game now, whether it is in the Normal mode in the EZ (Easy) mode or in PRO mode should be played. While in Normal mode, nothing will change, both the registration date as well as the PRO mode, each with its own Premium menu, in which you can Quasi-Cheat-Codes enable. These range from “All the opponents to kill with one blow” or “all skills cost 0 AP to defense is generally 0”. You may the game is so incredibly easy to correct difficult to modify, in order to find for you the perfect challenge.

Limit Cut, Secret Episode, and data greetings

You have the 2-3 hours Re:Least played, it was the one with the DLC not for a long time. After the End of the Episode Limit Cut will be unlocked in the main menu the next. Here, you can expect to primarily 13 Data Battles, in which the members of the recent Organization XIII meet again, may – in much stronger versions than in the past.

You have brought these fights behind you, you’ll unlock, finally, the final Episode of the DLC: the Secret Episode. In this you after a short Cutscene, one last battle against an adversary that should be known: Sena, and kodaka. The fight is arguably the worst in the whole Kingdom Heartsstory, and also a really cool scene.

The only drawback to both Limit Cut as well as the Secret Episode: The level of difficulty is taken from the selected Save Slot. Should you not at the Sena, and kodaka-fight, therefore, find that the Critical mode for everything before that, okay, for this challenge, but maybe not the best idea, then nothing else remains for you, than for you to Proud to fight on Normal or Easy again through all the previous content and episodes before you’re allowed to stand up to the Noctis-blend in a weakened Form again.

Finally, there are in addition to all the already mentioned content last the the Re:Mind DLC came: a new photo mode called Data Greeting or data greetings. Here you have the possibility of diverse characters, enemies and to place more and more in all sorts of environments and for photos of Poznan. Your works you can then in your own Slide Shows, pack and friends, as well as other Kingdom Hearts Fans present. The Feature is fun and will put all the friends of the In-Game photography guarantees a Smile on your face.

Bonus: concert-recording of Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres-

Who not only has the normal Version of Re:Mind DLC, but the full package with the concert recording taken, finds, after Installation in the main menu to access the corresponding Video Files.

In total, the concert 19 title, the you individually or all of them play can, and Live recordings of the orchestra concert from Tokyo, with excerpts from the Play clubs of Dearly Beloved to Face My Fears. The Video and Sound quality and for 10 Extra euros is this DLC Version your money worth, if you’re not the only Fan of the game, but also his music.


Granted, Kingdom Hearts III, Re:Mind is not what I would have expected. The extended Cutscenes, as well as the alternative/expanded present, although exciting, the large Overlap with the last Chapter of the main game to find but still a little bit bitter, especially when you have just finished first. The biggest mystery – namely, what exactly is happening with Sora after his Disappearance in the last Cutscene – also remains unresolved; raises now, actually, even more questions. After all, what we get in the way of Plot-additives is, however, exciting, and also the new Gameplay Features, the enhanced photo mode, and the data battles and the Secret Episode are fun and well implemented. The biggest point of criticism Re:Mind is for me, and therefore the price of the DLC: Full 30 Euro (with concert 40 Euro) for a couple of new Cutscenes and re-launched in fights appear a little high – especially when you consider that the main game is already 30 euros is available. My tip therefore: Just wait a bit and the DLC during the next discount offer, get then you will also guarantee your pleasure.

What KHIII Re:Minimum? The first DLC for Kingdom Hearts III, with new Cutscenes, Battles, and Gameplay Features
Platforms: PS4
Tested: PS4 Version with a concert recording
Developer / Publisher: Square Enix
Release: 23. January 2020
Link: Official Website