Kim Dotcom: Start your own Token via Bitfinex

Longer it became quite calm around Kim Schmitz. Now, the entrepreneur announces KIM a own crypto-token for the month of October 2019.

Well-known entrepreneur, is a Token at the end of October-start of

How, for example, the competitor Coinbase also Bitfinex has Token clear objectives on the subject of Utility. Not only that, the exchange has developed with the model LEO a Token. The Format is also used in next sales, the investors on the platform. A busier Internet pioneer, will now spend about Bitfinex, a digital currency, is in Germany not Unknown. Ironically, Kim Schmitz, also known as “Kim Dotcom” – is planning a Coin. This was known to the current mid-week. Schmitz had lifted years ago, the only legally persecuted platform Megaupload from the baptism. The Internet founder status over the years repeatedly been the focus of a police investigation and, ultimately, had fled abroad.

Bitfinex as a Partner in the sale of the Token?

In the course of the Revision of the Bitfinex platform for the sale of Token Schmitz will introduce now is named after him Token KIM. However, The Emission takes place in connection with the stock exchange Bitfinex, the first sale is made, but a private Internet portal, called “KI.M. This is at least the state of things in temporal Association with the IEO of the Kim Token that was currently public. On the 22.10. this year wants to bring Kim Schmitz via Bitfinex the currency to the market. A real competitor to Ripple, or to Litecoin, not to be KIM. This, too, will be a Utility-Token, i.e., a currency with a purpose. Digital content providers can generate in the future, about the eponymous K. IN the Blockchain transactions in the currency, and income in the Wallet in the manage.

Blockchain to allow easy distribution channels without the high cost

Interested parties can purchase the Token from the end of October, for the Start of the associated Blockchain technology, the managers are aiming for a not accurately known date in Q3 of next year. The conceptual Background Dotcom “to” philosopher formulated “dessert” as we know it for years. Free cash flows, and unrestricted freedom of expression are two goals of his project, whose addressees are to be in addition to Internet entrepreneurs, including artists. The User will no longer be reliant on (costly) help of intermediaries. The K. IN the Blockchain will allow, according to the current state of knowledge of both payments in KIM, as well as in BTC. Bitcoin, in turn, serves as the technical basis for the own Token. As is so often the project will probably be the next “big thing”.

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