Just Cause 4: Story trailer

Square Enix has released a brand new story trailer for the upcoming action hit JUST CAUSE 4, which tells more exciting details about the new story of the agent Rico Rodriguez.

JUST CAUSE 4 plays on the South American-inspired island of Solís, which is plagued by powerful storms and tornadoes and on the brink of war. The unscrupulous Black Hand military, led by the dangerous Gabriela, uses all its means to keep the situation under control. Rico Rodriguez, now a renegade agent, visits the island to find out the truth behind his father’s death. He allied himself with Mira, a rebel dissident, and quickly found himself at the head of an army, struggling with grappling hooks and wingsuit through conspiracies and chaos. Get ready for the adventure!

JUST CAUSE 4 will be released on December 4, 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.