Judgment, to Hack at Bithump: failed management was the reason

A court came to the insight, a Bithump employees and the stock exchange had committed in 2017, around a Hack error. With consequences for the clientele.

Bithump device again and again in the reporting

In the past 12 to 18 months there were repeated headlines in connection with the South Korean Bitcoin exchange. A message from the March of 2019, was an incident in the course of which Ripple and EOS of the stock exchange were gone. And in a big way for the equivalent of around 17 million euros. This was a damage that hit especially the platform itself. Most recently, the company gained attention by requested from the IRS in South Korea high repayments due to unlawful taxation. The tax situation in the country allow no tax claims on income from the business with crypto-currencies like Ethereum, or Bitcoin.

Thousands of customers affected due to the employees error

A recent judgment in the home country, in contrast, refers to a Hacker attack from 2017. The equivalent of six million dollars (then market value) had captured cyber criminals, after customers were able to bring data in and of themselves. More than 30,000 users of the exchange were also affected in the said case. Through the access data, such as passwords, the perpetrators were able to access the Accounts and Wallets clearance. The issue of responsibility was not clear, what shows once more how slowly the mills of the law grind in Asia too often. Now, the court came to the conclusion that The fault lies with one of the competent senior employee in the home Bithump. The Manager had not adhered in its activities to the governing law on the subject of Internet safety.

Even stock market bears responsibility for the Hack

In addition to the employee also Bithump Korea was found guilty, as current reports from the country show. Bitter: The employee seems to be simply to install a suitable Software against viruses, Trojans, and Malware. This violation of the underlying security Protocol has now led to the conviction, including the encryption of customer data properly. The judgment also criticised the stock exchange, which had remained in the fight against the hacker’s attack inactive for too long. The employee was sentenced to a fine in the amount of the equivalent of US $ 25,000. The attacker, incidentally, wandered for three years in prison. The safety standards of the crypto exchanges have been tightened significantly in recent years.

Featured Image: By succo | Pixabay