John McAfee starts a decentralized exchange on Ethereum

John McAfee last year was the victim of a poison attack, from which he is recovering slowly. The Tech-specialist, announced via Twitter the launch of its own decentralized stock exchange. Each act should be able to, without having to make costly KYC-processes to go through.

John McAfee announced dern launch of the decentralized exchange . The stock market opened the registration for Beta users of the platform last night at 5 PM GMT. McAfee DEX will initially only offer the trade with Ethereum-based Token, to act for the time being as an Alternative to the IDEX, ether, Delta and other decentralized market places without custodian. goes live in an hour. List any Ethereum based coin for free. Until we automate the portal creation (exact copies of – you get 0.05% of transactions through your portal) it will take us 2 days of hand-holding by the portal ($395). Sign up soon.

— John McAfee (@official McAfee) 7. October 2019

The decentralized stock exchange also promises low fees and no complex Compliance procedures. McAfee has set itself the goal of making the crypto-trade again freely accessible for everyone as the Start of the crypto market in the first years of Bitcoin and Ethereum. This means that no complicated things, KYC procedures have to be gone through, and each lot of personal data to be queried. In addition, the fees in comparison with other stock exchanges is very low. McAfee has published this on Twitter a picture:

— John McAfee (@official McAfee) 7. October 2019

However, because of stricter gesetliche rules, it is only a matter of time, how long the EXchange will survive. Even the IDEX established a KYC process, and ether, Delta was fined $ 400,000 for unauthorized crypto-trade services. A KYC process can be in the future is inevitable, because even a single Token can come to the test. Decentralized exchanges in the Ethereum network tend to have a relatively small customer base. IDEX moved on 7. October 443 user, and ForkDelta reached a total of 344 users. The daily volume did not exceed the $ 200,000. Binance DEX, the largest decentralized exchange that runs on the Binance Chain, has a trading volume of more than 1.3 million dollars per day.

However, Mcafee has taken a unique approach – it offers the creation of portals or copies of the DEX with access points to the Smart Contracts. In this way, the decentralized stock exchange will be theoretically from multiple Hosts and locations and, therefore, for the time being, completely zensufrei be.

McAfee Dex portal are exact copies of our site running on different hosts and managed by different people or organizations. Portal Manager collect for 0.05% of all buy transactions entering through that host. All hosts have access to all buy/sell orders. Small installation fee

— John McAfee (@official McAfee) 6. October 2019

John McAfee has already put in place a decentralised stock exchange, the “McAfee Magic non-custodial exchange” on the market, the sets according to their own statements, on the activity of Bots, and by the ARB Token is supported. So far, this exchange is not in the approved list of market participants on the relevant portals such as Coinmarketcap to. McAfee still has scheduled the Launch of the McAfee Freedom Coin for the fall of 2019, but are also found in addition, so far no further information. It remains to be seen whether the project will start successfully.

Featured Image: Production Perig | Shutterstock