John McAfee: Bitcoin, in fact without any value

John McAfee loves the headline. Once again, he lashed out via Twitter against the, in his opinion, worthless Bitcoin. Different than other experts.

McAfee sees BTC has no real value to the crypto market

And once again, it is the Fans of Bitcoin, the IT Security entrepreneurs and self-proclaimed crypto Guru John McAfee on the Toes feel stepped likely. In the early summer of last year, McAfee announced plans to a own crypto-currency later of the following Statements to one’s own crypto exchange. Most recently, he had presented himself in front of all, provocateur, via Twitter. And also in the current case, are negative statements, which were met with in the case of Bitcoin Fans to the Echo. In view of the current Situation, a Tweet from John McAfee’s called the reserve currency of the crypto world as a quasi – “worthless”. In this opinion he was not always, because for a long time he was regarded as a great supporter.

From the BTC Fan to the convinced opponents of the currency

Last Ethereum but rather with him literally high in price, after all, was early known that McAfee’s decentralized exchange should be based on the Ethereum technology. The new estimates of the Bitcoin received in any case, plenty of wind in the social media. Last but not least because he himself in the year 2019 a seven-digit Bitcoin rate was excluded for not. An impressive opinion is turning, if you so much. Of a frivolous bet on the development of the BTC course, in any case, distance. At the end of the repeated increase in the bet amount, even a price of 2.0 million US dollars per Coin in the room.

Stablecoins and Privacy Coins are the way of the future

With the time in any case John McAfee has concluded new favorites on the crypto-market in his heart. In the near past, he finds not only such as had for Ethereum warm words. Also DAI and Monero are McAfee high in the course. His Bitcoin-titling as a “Shitcoin” has also attracted plenty of criticism within the industry. However, McAfee has always been a friend of the approach: Even bad PR is advertising. And so he puts it probably in principle, the fact that other crypto-users offending to get from time to time in the for him so important attention to. Anyway, he is convinced that the future belongs to the Privacy Coins like Monero or Zcash, as well as the division of the stable coins.

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