Is paid to China’s military soon in Digital-Yuan?

New messages to the use of a Chinese crypto-currencies: The country’s military is considering what appears to be a soon-to-Blockchain-use.

Test run of the digital currency in China’s soldiers?

Ironically, the military? This idea could get some readers and some readers in the sense, when it comes to the current developments in China. President Xi had stressed to laudatory words in the past weeks that the government wants to promote the Blockchain. Before crypto currencies, but the politicians warns. Chinese now Soldzahlungen and rewards in the digital money for China’s soldiers in conversation, appears in the temporal relation a bit weird. Nevertheless, the message seems to be “duck”. Of Bitcoin, or even Privacy Coins like Monero and Dash China’s main man, President Xi Jinping holds, little. The Blockchain, however, should be in the coming years, with billions funded. USD/BTC $8684.66 -0.41% USD/ETH $184.02 -1.60% USD/XRP $0.27 -0.56% USD/BCH $276.20 -0.93% USD/USDT $1.00 -0.73% USD/LTC $60.06 0.64% USD/BNB $21.02 -0.39% USD/EOS $3.46 0.74% USD/BSV $127.10 0.06% USD/XLM $0.07 -1.77% USD/TRX $0.02 -0.75% USD/XMR $65.18 0.22% USD/ADA $0.04 1.77% USD/LINK $2.95 -5.82% USD/HT $3.80 -0.91% USD/NEO $12.49 -1.50% USD/XTZ $1.21 7.42% USD/NUCLEAR $4.08 5.30% USD/MIOTA $0.26 -1.01% USD/DASH $69.20 -0.15%

Plenty of potential for the huge Chinese army

And members of the army of China could be in the future with crypto – coins ent and rewarded. This is evident from a report of a Chinese military newspaper. Also in this area of the country to take a leading role in the international comparison. Of course, it would not be in the realization of any Token. Rather, it is in the “South China Morning Post” allegedly, China’s government crypto-currency to be considered for the rewards. The newspaper is the official mouthpiece of the military in the people’s Republic, which is why the allegations do not sound out of thin air. The army operates according to the reporting in addition to the Integration of the Blockchain technology for their own military purposes.

Blockchain is supposed to make the military databases are more secure

In addition to the actual Wages of the crypto-reward system could include the newspaper, according to special services, and vocational skills. It is the loyalty of the soldiers. The news is heating up once again, rumors of a soon-coming digital Yuan, which is supposed to start due to the plans of Facebook to Stablecoin Libra and the matching Wallet Calibra soon. The military expects the Blockchain better protection against hacker attacks and possible manipulation from abroad. “Of all places, China”, think of some of the critics. Application options could result in the replenishment supply and in the logistics sector.

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