IOTA: Industry Marketplace to help businesses

IOTA continues to build on the power of innovation. With a new marketplace, the provider wants to win the industry even more for themselves.

Other notable partners through the new marketplace?

Even if the Altcoin is neglected for 2015 launched System IOTA in the trade still to a large extent: the technology of The IOTA Foundation is on the market steadily against many of its competitors. Fashion labels are also part of the producer to the existing network of partners such as the world well-known automobile. In the latter area, it is especially the cooperation with Jaguar, the IOTA gained more media attention beyond the circle of insiders also. Now the service provider wants to put on further Expansion. To succeed in the project through a new marketplace for the industry. In this industry, IOTA finds for some time more and more partners and Fans. Companies recognize the technological advantages of the IOTA Tangle to Blockchain-based models such as Ethereum. Said the marketplace is working as expected, decentralized and automated work.

Easy creation and management of Goods and services

Services and Goods are equally tradable on the platform, which goes by the name of “Industry Marketplace”. A Central Element as an advantage for the user are clear and uniform Standards that apply within the network for the making of offers and request. IOTA-cooperation partners should not be able to log on to the innovative platform, only the own company. Machines are authorized for marketing for the Autonomous management of resources. As example cases, the IOTA Foundation announced about self-driving Cars or drones, and the associated billing arrangements. Some of the partners can call IOTA already. This can manage in addition to free capacities, dates, and locations for any of the services and goods the Industry Marketplace.

Course in 2019, despite the new developments, someone has to

Target groups companies, other mobile service providers or energy suppliers. MIOTA – the IOTA-their own digital currency – plays-at least according to current knowledge no important role in connection with the IOTA as “industry 4.0” designated development. Entrepreneurs who are looking for an innovative channel of distribution will be quite noisy. Because you should be able to create according to the IOTA very easily and without extensive technical Know-how of their own contracts. Who has, at least for the time being, little of the development, investors see MIOTA as an exciting currency next to Bitcoin or Litecoin. The IOTA developments in the field of the Internet of things so far affect only to a limited extent to the course.

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