In Sound Mind announced plus Demo

Indie Publisher mode Games and developers We Create Stuff, the Studio behind the popular Nightmare House 2, today announced that the Horror game In Sound Mind.

In Sound Mind shows players with gloomy memories, and asks you out, your own idea of lurking threats to escape. By unusual puzzles and battle scary enemies is searched for in a collection of stories for the answer. In Sound Mind , was from the Studio behind the Mod Nightmare House 2 – developed and promises to with the Soundtrack by The Living Tombstone is an exciting horror spectacle to be.

In Sound Mind has been in the PC Gaming Show for the first time, with an announcement trailer revealing the horror fans in the Depths of your Psyche, immersing themselves and the reality with the Impossible merges. On the bizarre memoirs of a psychotherapist, which is subject to the effects of an experimental chemical that can be thrown in a first look. In addition, players can experience today in a free Demo on Steam the particular style of horror game first-Hand.

The creepy First-Person horror title will be Gen players 2021 on PC and Next generation consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in fear and terrified.