Horizon Zero Dawn (PC) in the short test

Almost four years is it now that guerrilla Games Horizon Zero, Dawn is an absolute gem for the PS4 delivered. Not only the exclusive title with an exciting world, inhabited by colossal machines and wild human tribes, but also with an incredibly good Sci-Fi Story was convincing. Today I count the story of Horizon Zero, the Dawn, in addition to those of The Witcher 3, one of the best stories I’ve played. So it’s no wonder that owners of a PC have something to look envious of the title. But now, Aloy finally finds the path on local computer, with, however, in addition to the total and continue to be a great adventure, unfortunately, a few technical problems.

As a motherless child, growing up in the small Aloy, as, from the tribe of Nora abandoned, under the wings of the exiles hunter stainless. The experienced Survivalist learn to survive the girl in a world, which is dominated by mechanical dinosaurs to. A stroll Aloy falls in a ruin of Old, a lost civilization that has been forgotten. In it, you will get hold of a focus, an artifact of the Forgotten. So you open the first secrets of the world in which she lives and it is starving Aloy for answers. Where did she come from? Who is your mother? Why disappeared the Old? And what’s with the machine on? Ask the Aloy pave the path to your adventure, not realizing that at the beginning of a terrible event is going to be.

The technology of the Old

In terms of content, and playfully different Horizon Zero Dawn for PC is not really from the PS4 Version to the our Hannes at that time, a detailed Test has written. The only difference is the fact that the DLC The Frozen Wilds (also there is a Test for us) directly into the main game is implemented. Therefore, I will comment more on the technical innovations and problems of the PC version.

In addition to improvements in lighting, a higher level of detail of the surroundings, it has Horizon Zero Dawn on the PC and also Goodies such as an extended physics of the Vegetation treated. Grass, flowers and trees to move more naturally in the Wind, and also show reactions to the actions of the game character, is not to say that Aloy moved like a Ghost through the vegetables, but the plant world as a physical being is to be perceived.

Visually was Horizon Zero, Dawn is already on the PS4 a real Board and soldiering on the PC now finally to the beauty. The increased vision, the dynamic lighting and the resulting shadow will conjure up beautiful images on the screen and I got a Lust for me with the built-in photo mode, let off steam. Horizon Zero Dawn supports resolutions up to 4K, and with appropriate screen frame rates beyond 60 FPS. For those in the higher frame rates used in preference to the optics, there are the options of the adaptive performance–FPS; so you can set the desired frame rate and the Game scales the resolution, depending on the power and claim, dynamically up and down.

The control via mouse and keyboard is not always optimal, therefore, I have preferred here rather the Gamepad.

The great Hunger

You guessed it maybe already: Horizon Zero Dawn is very Hardware-hungry. I could do it on my System (see info box) with Ultra Details, and 2K resolution with around 30 – 40 FPS play. I wanted to benefit from the full 60 FPS I had to switch to HD, where it ran with maximum settings, soft as butter. You can also adjust the graphic Performance with a variety of settings to his own requirements. The possibilities range from reflections in the water, up to the complexity of clouds.

Unfortunately, the Port of the PS4 is not managed on the PC is seemingly very clean. So many crashes and performance issues to report. Personally, I had a crash in my 30 hours of playing time only of a larger. The was, however, so violently that I had to restart my PC. Also, I had minor quirks, such as, for example, that the Sound was off, when I turn on my screen and then again switched it on.


I was very happy to be back in the world of Horizon Zero, the Dawn return to and Aloys adventure to experience. I idolized on the PS4 already and this has not changed on the PC. At the time, I had Horizon Zero Dawn , due to its premise that it is mechanical Dinos to hunt is, in the run-up to be ridiculed, to me, a maximum of one beautiful Trash-pearl expected, but what I mistaken! Aloys search for answers is Writing of the highest grade and gives a Sci-Fi Story that is not only in depth, but to me, with its Message long after the play has has. In this respect, I am pleased that I was able to gamble on the PC now, the visually most beautiful incarnation of the Games. Who does not know the title yet, you should access and Aloys world lose. I’m sure that the errors, of which some players are reporting are fixed soon. It would be a shame if you let that scare you.

What is Horizon Zero Dawn is? The port is one of the best PS4 games ever.
Platforms: PC, PS4
Tested: AMD Ryzen 7 37000X 8-Core processor, 16GB RAM, Radeon RX Vega
Developer / Publisher: Guerrilla Games/ Sony Playstation Mobile, Inc.
Release: 7. August 2020
Link: Official Website