GRID in the Test

With its recent titles has proven to Codemasters as a Studio, the pop can programming hard, and, nevertheless, entertaining simulations, better than most of its competitors. GRID , however, is different. Here the battle line is at least as important as the ideal line, here is the realism is pushed to the benefit of the Action like in page, here explode Confetti-Straight bombs directly above the Start-to-finish, here are the LeMans prototypes have to jump through the streets of San Francisco, here, each symbol moves almost with the knife between the teeth. In short: this is where the fun is at the centre.

Who of you is the Original GRID so the Race Driver: GRID in 2008 – knows, is the development of the GRID (so the new game now) probably right eye have had. After all, the developers promised to give Fans of the first album a worthy successor. And Yes: Over long distances it is also quite well managed. But unfortunately also not more. But that has less to do with the things that are to be found in the game, but with those who lack. Made in the Original nor fancy racing series such as Drag, Togue or Drift Events for fun and variety, wait here only “ordinary” races. This will take you to some of the Fan – I’ll do it anyway. But enough of the melancholy – we dedicate ourselves to the Here and Now.

Sit down, have fun

You had to complete in the Original from 2008 is still a bit bulky sponsorship agreements in order to get coal for cars, runs Anno 2019 everything significantly less bureaucratic (and therefore with significantly less red thread and depth): After three spectacular staged Intro-the race will be thrown to you when you click on the career mode in a simple menu, to see all 104 contained Events. Divided they are compiled in six shows – five of them, with 13 separate events, one in 26 Invitational race at the end of each of a Showdown-waiting Event. You have at least four of these Showdowns (in one of which it applies to overcome Ferando Alonso beat) but you’re in the Endgame of the game throw The races in the Grid World Series. Needless to say, but, of course, not all of these Events are from the beginning selectable. Of course, you have to gradually work your way up.

As mentioned above, is when the GRID always your fun in the foreground. Accordingly nobody tells you what series should you eat when in attack. You have after a hard day’s work feel like a relaxing round of full-contact racing in the old Mini Coopern in the streets of Havana? No Problem. On a rainy weekend it’s supposed to be rather a endurance race in American stock cars? Like it! Or how about the car with a whole afternoon full of tour race? We are here to help … thanks to the diverse Mix of racing series and car classes should the GRID for any mood always a suitable Event at hand.

The hook: at The Start there are only 13 tracks. Of course, in different Layouts, different times of the Day and in dry conditions as well as rain (so Codemasters is coming on “over 80 slopes-Layouts”). But in the end, and it will stay, but “only” 13 tracks. That is, for all their love, to little. The only bright lining on the horizon: Codemasters, the rich promised more courses as DLC to and free and for all players, no matter which Edition you have purchased. In addition, there will be but, of course, paid DLC Packs. Who is now to the Ultimate Edition (for the PS4 around 90 Euro), get the first three free – in addition to other start-up benefits. Which content is to be supplied, is not yet known.

After all, these 13 ski runs are compiled but nicely selected and well. Wait, both fictional circuits like the very life-filled city courses, but also licensed Real-piste. The developer, however, many of the famous classics such as the Nürburgring or our Red Bull Ring. Instead, about the little-known Sidney Motor Park was virtualized as well as the brand-new Zhejiang Circuit in China.


The Auto-selection is a convincing – GRID offers an incredibly wide range of all desirable sports equipment. Historical classics such as the Volvo 850 estate touring car are also use such as formula cars, in several gradations tuned JDM-Racer, fat, Muscle Cars, Race Trucks, or the top modern racing cars of various performance classes. Divided into five classes with a total of 20 sub-categories, in the end, over 60 cars to the Start of the game to the selection results. Of course, but also earned the first – so, in a race won money bought. They are not even yours, you are allowed to edit your painting. The opportunities to interact with her after the unlockable templates, where you just select the colors free may, in the year of 2019, but a little dusty.

Absolutely contemporary, however, is the Handling of the cars. Although the pendulum of the physics of driving reflects considerably more in the direction of Arcade than Simulation, all cars are very different. In addition, Fans of the more demanding races through the disengageable driver AIDS quite a lot of output, look at the Curve must also be very carefully of the Gas dosing, to make no acquaintance with the damage model. That that of slight scuffs, can represent damage-over waste at the end of cultivation parts, and mechanical damage up to the total everything that was not expect from a Codemasters title to be different. Also, that all of it can be made in the rule by the tried-and-true rewind Feature back.

completely new is the nifty AI System, for which the developers have 400 different personalities in the game is. The result is convincing. In fact, a whole lot is going on around you always. The AI pilots are fighting not only with you but also against each other to be credible to each Position, regularly make mistakes and go very deliberately on a collision course. Especially if you make it you have a special driver, through frequent or strong Push to make it to the enemy; vulgo Nemesis. An AI Pilot is to be such, he will create it deliberately to make you pay for – so both a little paint exchange as well as in front of you on the finish line to nozzles. However, this effect lasts only for a race. Although you to fight always against the same Pool of drivers (some of the names you know from the Original – nice Detail), you have to not fear at some point against a field of riders to compete, the closed against you has conspired.

In addition, you anyway never alone in the field. Always one of the party, a Team-mate, the simple commands may be issued is to attack: “on” or “Position”. Depending on how the character and Situation of the companions he or she can be replaced with your earned money against more experienced and/or more loyal driver – he can perform this then, or oppose it. And Yes: your Team-mate can get on well Austro, “Bick” to you and to the Nemesis, when you put it on.

Eight-cylinder for a Hallelujah?

We come to the technology behind the GRID. Not surprisingly, the tried and tested EGO Engine comes here again … as for DiRT Rally or F1 in 2019. Just in terms of the current representatives of the formula 1 Games, can GRID but not able to keep up. Many of the improvements, the F1 in 2019, a real eye-catcher made, do not seem to be up in the offices of GRID-colleagues by talking to have. Don’t get me wrong: GRID is a very pretty-looking game, especially at night and in the rain to indulge in numerous water – and Blend effects, dynamic shadows and chic, the mirror of the lungs, the gamblers eye. Nevertheless, Especially in comparison with the competition ala F1 2019, GT Sport, Driveclub or Forza Horizon, the car models, Cockpit and environment details as well as the textures don’t match. Even worse is that the Framerate isn’t always stable. In my Test on the PS4 Per it came from, and a significant jerk of learning, when it went on the runway to wild ago. Too bad.

Also, the Sound doesn’t come from me, unfortunately, without scolding. Not only squeak, are used to noise from the tire inflation and partly inappropriate (in the pouring rain about), so some of the Sound effects are a little off. The characteristic Popping out of the exhaust system of a tour of the sound wagon is about in times more to the firm played dustbins because after the Explosion in the exhaust. Also, I noticed in each of the cars that did not convince and excellent engine sounds in each perspective is equal to. While the Ferrari F430 Challenge, therefore, for example, from the Cockpit view (yay!) great sound, reminding the Sound from the tracker’s perspective suddenly on a lawn mower. A case for the first Patch, I guess …

More players – In theory

Finally, a brief word on the Multiplayer Part of the game. Couldn’t I try it myself yet, but he promises to be on paper of good entertainment. Up to 16 cars on the track and a maximum of 99 laps per race, shall be otherwise adjusted, actually, everything is free: Public or private races, which vehicle classes, and driving AIDS are allowed, what kind of weather and what time of day it may be, and whether and how competent AI drivers to compete.

Of course you need to but not even with the efforts of a Lobby-creating around not to beat, if you want to. Just a Quick Match-select a function and go. Funny: Instead of up to the Start of a race on a boring Lobby Screen to stare at, provides you with Codemasters to pass the time at this point, the Skirmish mode is: On a track in the Eighth Form, you will be allowed to take the wheel of a Jupiter Eagleray Mk5 course and the whim of a Destruction Derby make. Nice. Oh, and no: the split-screen mode there is no.


Although I it the developers quite evil take it that in the supposed “Revival” of the original Race Driver: GRID, the Drift-mode is omitted, so must I nevertheless admit, that in the end still a fun Racer managed. However, this is not a perfect. Yes, the Handling is great and the AI makes for Action-rich and exciting races; the Basics fit. Personally, I would have expected but in the end, but a little more “red thread” through the career, more technical fireworks and a larger-range selection. So GRID is a fun racing game for in Between. But that’s not …


What GRID is? Arcade-Racer with a guarantee for action Packed race.
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia
Tested: PS4 Pro
Developer / Publisher: Codemasters / Koch Media
Release: 08. October 2019
Link: Official Website