Greater privacy for Bitcoin Cash thanks to Tokenshuffle

Bitcoin’s little brother, Bitcoin Cash, has recently released a development proposal to make Bitcoin Cash transactions anonymous. This step was elementary and requested by a large part of the community.

The developers in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem are working on a new project called Cashshuffle. This includes a concept that is to provide a feature for anonymizing transactions.

Loud, the Bitcoin News portal from Roger Ver, the idea for Tokenshuffle has met with great approval in the Bitcoin Cash community. Some studies have shown in the past that privacy and anonymity are particularly important for many investors.

It is not for nothing that “Privacy Coins” such as Monero, Dash or ZCash receive more and more attention and users. The developer Chris Troutner officially introduced the concept of Tokenshuffle on 12.10.2018.

Tokenshuffle is a light wallet that can be used to create two types of mixed protocols. Here, transactions are mixed in a similar way to Monero, so that the transaction cannot be traced to the destination address to which the transfer was made. According to the developers, both Coinjoin and Coinshuffle are part of the project :

Tokenshuffle is a protocol for anonymizing Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and improving its fungibility. This protocol is loosely based on the ideas in Coinjoin and Coinshuffle and is to be implemented as a lightweight web app with which people can interact anonymously.

The project should make it possible to use Bitcoin Cash just as anonymously as Monero or ZCash. According to the programmers, the privacy feature should enter the maturity phase within the next one to two months and be available soon.

Privacy is a topic that is becoming increasingly important within the cryptographic market and could soon be seen as a fundamental element. We are looking forward to further developments in this area.