Gold status for Metro Exodus

Deep Silver and 4A Games announced today after five years of development that the next chapter of the Metro series, METRO EXODUS, has reached gold status and will be released a week earlier than planned.

The third part of the Metro saga will be officially released on February 15, 2019 for the Xbox One family including the Xbox One X, the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and PC.

“Our fans have been very patient since we announced Metro Exodus at E3 2017,” says Klemens Kundratiz, CEO of Deep Silver. “In order to provide 4A Games with sufficient development time and to enable the team to realize its ambitious vision of the game, we have postponed the release date beforehand. We are now delighted to announce that Metro Exodus has reached Gold status and we are bringing the release forward to February 15, 2019.”

To celebrate this decision Deep Silver unveils the intro of the game today. This opening video was made directly by the Santa Monica/CA based studio Elastic. Among the most famous works of the studio, which has already won several awards, are the opening sequences of the well-known series “Game of Thrones” and “Westworld”. The video created by Elastic is accompanied by the original Metro Exodus soundtrack by Metro composer Alexey Omelchuk.

Metro fans can look forward to numerous new gameplay revelations in the upcoming story trailer in early 2019. For more details, updates and always the latest information about Metro Exodus just register at


We are writing the year 2036. A quarter of a century after the nuclear destruction of the world, several thousand survivors cling to their existence in the metro tunnels of Moscow’s ruins. They have asserted themselves against the poisoned environment, fought mutants, survived paranormal horror and burned in the flames of civil war. In the role of Artjom, it is now up to you to lead a group of Spartan Rangers through the vastness of post-apocalyptic Russia to the east in their quest for a safe habitat. Explore the Russian wilderness in non-linear levels and experience the thrilling story that spans all seasons, from spring through summer and autumn to nuclear winter.