Global DNS Checker

This tool will help you to check dns records globally.



DNS Server List:

Optional options
Custom Dns Servers:

Let’s use the addresses you enter as the server.(Paste anyting. We will catch the first 50 valid ipv4s.)
Do not show unnecessary fields
Hide “name”, “rdata”, “type”, “ttl”, “rdlength” and “class” in results.
Strict Query Mode
strict query mode means that if the hostname that was looked up isn’t actually in the answer section of the response, script will return an empty answer section, instead of an answer section that could contain CNAME records.
if we should set the recursion desired bit to 1 or 0.
request DNSSEC values, by setting the DO flag to 1; this actually makes the resolver add a OPT RR to the additional section, and sets the DO flag in this RR to 1.
Dnssec Ad Flag
set the DNSSEC AD (Authentic Data) bit on/off.
Dnssec Cd Flag
set the DNSSEC CD (Checking Disabled) bit on/off

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