German logistics companies recognize opportunities of the blockchain – Coin Hero

In some other surveys, those responsible in the logistics sector in particular were already open to the use of the blockchain. A new survey confirms this openness once again. However under reservation.

The blockchain will soon revolutionize the logistics industry?

The company Hermes – a subsidiary of the trade giant Otto – has currently asked 200 decision-makers about their opinion on the Blockchain, as reported by the Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung this week. The data are from September 2018. Over a third of the respondents see great potential for development through the use of the blockchain in logistics. Companies are even assuming “huge changes”. The situation is even more optimistic for companies with more than 250 employees. Here, more than 50 percent of all survey participants believe that the blockchain created by the Bitcoin and other crypto currencies is capable of much more than the pure digitization of current processes.

Opportunities are known, state of knowledge leaves much to be desired

Even the larger companies know how to assess the potential for optimization. One in four is certain that their own supply chain efficiency in the long term will only be possible through new cooperations with suppliers and customers. As more than one in two respondents said, the blockchain is primarily intended to provide security during data transfer between companies, partners and customers. In companies with fewer than 250 employees, one in three decision-makers is of this opinion. Surprising again: Only a good fifth of the participants from the environment of smaller companies and enterprises can show a certain knowledge of the blockchain and its function according to their own statement.

Bigger companies are better informed and more practical

For representatives of larger companies, the value is twice as high. The blockchain as well as currencies like Ethereum could be missing despite the still too little activity of German companies from the point of view of many insiders and the lack of knowledge in the near future to solve many typical problems in the logistics sector. New resources could also be tapped and communication accelerated and improved. Other surveys have already shown in the past that companies are increasingly recognizing the opportunities offered by crypto currencies from Litecoin to Ripple in order to handle global payment transactions in the future.