German industrial middle class deals with blockchain – Coin Hero

Industrial middle class and blockchain – this combination seems to work better in this country than the mixture of smaller or especially large companies and new technology. And also in comparison to large companies the German middle class makes a good figure according to a study.

Small and medium-sized industry proves to be very open for new products

Some current reports and surveys had shown that large enterprises develop likewise ever more interest for the Blockchain and crypto currencies like the Bitcoin. Compared to the results of the study on the topic of blockchain, which was written at the Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln, the very small and the very large of the industry are more cautious. About 40 % of all medium-sized industry representatives in the country say that they are intensively involved with the new technology and now have extensive knowledge of the blockchain and its possible applications.

Many medium-sized companies already include the blockchain

At the same time, many of the companies surveyed are already working with the technology. In addition, more than eight out of ten respondents have heard about the existence of the blockchain, although anything else would be surprising given the extensive coverage in the digital sector. The company representatives surveyed are currently counting on good opportunities for approaches such as the Smart Contracts known from the Ethereum System, for example, in the area of automation and optimization of business processes. The Contracts are also used for other currencies like Mytrhil and many others because of the good and flexible usage.

Some technological tasks have to be mastered before use

Also in the context of transaction processing, many participants of the FH survey can imagine trusting in the blockchain and the techniques associated with it. A further result: The not yet area-wide existing standards, possible missing concepts for the exchange of data between different systems and the expenditure with the Blockchain integration into own structures hold many enterprises for the central aspects which are to be solved.