German company brings Bitcoin to the stock market

Bitcoin and trading on the German stock exchange? So far, this sounds more to the music of the future from a more distant world. Iconic want this now allows.

New company wants to make crypto-coins over-the-counter traded

Bitcoin trading on the stock exchange in Liechtenstein appears to some readers more like it. Because of the small Principality has been working for some time in many ways, to be the key European location for crypto-trade. A new Start-up wants to both create a new derivative on the Bitcoin is in the kind of classic trading environment tradable. Both on the Frankfurt as aucch of the Luxembourg stock exchange. The companies of the two founders Lowry, and according to the racket itself aware of the name of Iconic. It is planned as I said a BTC derivative that is a financial product that is traded by the changes of the Bitcoin price-dependent. The temporal goal is set high. Because the entrepreneurs from Frankfurt am Main have taken a stock market launch for the 02.12.2019 in the eye.

Security through state regulation in Luxembourg

Trade media is, in any case, the product prospectus, which indicates that the project is already far advanced. Some time ago, the two founders of the company had already worked on another project. In this it was originally, among other things, a consulting service for potential ICOs. The founder, in a Statement, that just in financing a large interest in mares in the world was to invest in Bitcoin and Altcoins money control. The lack of regulation shrink from but many investors. An institutional product to be the solution, similar to the examples of various index funds to the BTC in the United States. Investors in Europe will now also benefit from the trade model on regulated markets. What is it? Iconic will launch an ETN offer. Behind it is a range from the “Exchange-Traded Notes is”. The offer is typical of the stock market – a ISIN.

Favourable trading conditions to attract investors

The new product will be issued under a legal point of view as a bearer bond. The company sits in the banking metropolis of Frankfurt am Main, the regulation assumes the financial Supervisory authority of Luxembourg. According to the current state, the fees for the Management of the product will be around 2.0% p. a. Spreads should be due to the expected high volume of trade is low. Coinbase takes over the task of the Bitcoin storage. In particular, the listing of the Iconic-ETN in the Xetra-area experts see as a crucial Element. So the Bitcoin in the future will be Online on basically every Broker on the stock market accessible. Worth knowing to the end: The NYXBT-Index of the New York stock exchange NYSE serves as an Underling of the ETN. Soon Alternative with respect to Ethereum, Litecoin, and other Altcoins could follow. The Deutsche Börse fits as a location, after all, as we reported here already by the end of 2017 about their plans for BTC Futures.

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