Gaming mouse pad with inductive charging function

Speedlink presents the ENMATE a backlit Gaming mouse pad, which not only offers plenty of space for the mouse, but also for the Smartphone.

In the game, only the action on the screen – the place where we gain (or lose), worlds to create (or destroy) is one to enjoy, but most of all: our break from everyday life. In order to completely into the game to be immersed, must be transferred to our commands smoothly. The ENMATE with its extremely smooth micro-texture surface that has been optimized for super-quick High – and Low-Sense-and-mouse manoeuvres with perfect control. For maximum Immersion, the ENMATE shines also in a variety of colors and bathes the Desk in the right atmosphere.

But sometimes the everyday life tears us out of the game, such as with important messages or Calls. Since it is important to keep the Smartphone at a glance. Therefore, the ENMATE a special area for this, which is not only optimally positioned for perfect visibility, but also provides the unit with fresh energy: The mouse pad includes a built-in induction Charger, the battery of compatible Smartphones easily and charges quickly. No socket must be sought, and no cable is connected – simply, the cell phone dropping and the current is flowing.

Features and data:

  • Gaming mouse Mat with induction charging function
  • Built-in 5-Watt Charger for wireless Charging by Placing the Smartphones (all of the Qi®-compatible devices)
  • Loading area to the left of the mouse pad page
  • Hard Micro-textured surface for smooth Gliding of the mouse
  • Suitable for all mouse sensors
  • 10 powerful lighting modes (7 static colors + 3 multi-colored modes)
  • Built-in switch to turn the lighting on and Off and to switch the modes
  • Detection of foreign objects on the charging surface (FOD)
  • Status-LED shows the charging status and FOD warning
  • Non-Slip Back
  • Cabtyre Cable
  • Current-Input Thickness: 5 V, 1 A
  • Connection: USB-A
  • Cable length: 1.4 m
  • Dimensions: 350 × 255 × 6 mm (B × T × H)
  • Weight: 560 g (incl. Cable)

The price of the top-Gaming-Mousepad is at a MSRP of € 39.99 and for more Info, click here.