Free content update for Star Wars Jedi: Fall of the Order

EA and Respawn Entertainment have a free content update for Star Wars Jedi: Fall of the Order published. This gives players the opportunity to put in a new game mode, new challenges to play through the Story with all of the already-preserved collection of objects again, to collect new cosmetic items for Cal and BD-1 and more.

The biggest part of this update, a new Gameplay Central the name of meditation training. Players go about the meditation points of the game, a new game mode menu, to combat challenges in which Cal against waves of enemies and bosses to fight.

In addition, meditation training with a battle grid, a Sandbox for players to create their own battles. Here the player can select a place, the size of the battle, determine, different difficulty modifiers to adjust, and some really unique opponents.

The above-mentioned meditation training modes are unlocked once players complete their first Jedi travel through the Story and her adventure with a new mode called New journey+ with all the already unlocked cosmetic collectibles restart. In the course of the New trip+ sword also has some unique cosmetic objects, such as the inquisitors Uniform with matching red light-crystals unlocked. Also, players will find new cosmetic parts for her lightsaber, also Skins for BD-1 that you receive for completing combat challenges in the context of meditation training.

Respawn has also made numerous frequently requested accessibility adjustments. This includes options to adjust the font size, skippable Quicktime Events, as well as options that facilitate the interaction with objects and navigate through the world.

All the Details of the Updates here and here for our Test.