Fortnite: Nightmares 2018 has begun

Fortnite: Nightmares will be back in 2018 and will bring all sorts of scary incidents. Sneaking through the shadows, players tremble to Epic Victory or defy hair-raising hull creatures to complete weekly missions. The darkness has awakened.


During Fortnite: Nightmares will take players to Battle Royale in a whole new way because they’ll be dealing with dice monsters. Therefore, there are also new weapons, such as the shooting iron and the monster hunter, to be able to defend themselves against these spooky creatures. In order to secure loot and do something against other players, the dice monsters and dice fragments must be successfully removed beforehand.

Also the brand new “Deadfire” outfit is available for purchase in the store. This unique, new, reactive garment changes its appearance during a match. The clothing will go through two stages, based on how much damage the player takes and how much play time has passed. Together with Deadfire, the back accessory “Kettenstein” and the matching pickaxe “Dunkelsplitter” will also be available in the shop. These two cosmetic objects are also reactive.

Fortnite: Every week nightmares offers its very own free challenges that change every few days. For the completion of the last series of challenges, players will receive the sinister “Finsterzug” glider.


The scary backdrop of Hexsilvania returns. It includes a story in several order series, new rewards, including the Rat Rod weapon set, eerie llamas and other surprises.