FlashFX CEO: adaptation of Ripple is only a matter of time

Ripple provides payment solutions for companies of any size to cross-border payments quickly and easily. The co-founder of FlashFX is excited about Ripple and predicts an increasing adaptation for the next years.

The co-founder of FlashFX, an international money transfer company, describes that Ripples cryptocurrency-based remittance product is the Real deal. FlashFX is a long-standing Partner of Ripple, and was one of the first companies that started with On-Demand liquidity (ODL) of the Ripple, to use XRP, for cross-border money transfer. In a new Interview with Crypto Eri Nicolas responds climbers on the critics of Ripple, the business model of the company in question.

On the question of whether Ripple FlashFX paid as a customer, and if ODL is a Scam, told Steiger that his company has made the strategic decision Ripple at an early stage to use.

For us, we wanted to use Ripple in a long time. And we see the value. We still use Swift. We now use ODL. We have our own Integration that we had from the first day, where we use XRP…

It is not a Scam. It solves a real world Problem. It solves a real use case. A use case, I believe a long time ago.

Steiger says that the regulatory bureaucracy is one of the biggest hurdles for a broader use of digital Assets with banks and Fintech companies. Ripple calls already since several months that the regulatory authorities in the United States of America a clear legal framework.

If a Bank or organization has more certainty about the regulatory aspects and the risk rating at the time of the use of XRP as a digital Asset positive, then you can turn it on, without anyone knowing it. It just happens. It is a smoother process of Integration and empowerment of the participants will use the ODL.

Ripple started in ODL in October 2018 and says that the payment solution has the potential to give financial institutions and companies a new way to move money without the need for pools of Capital in banks around the world hold.

Until today, Ripple has opened up the payment corridors between the U.S., Mexico, and the Philippines. Steiger says that he hopes that Australia, where FlashFX, it will be the next country by Ripple offers his services. Ripple CEO, Brad garlinghouse, has announced a number of new corridors that are in work, but the company has yet to make an official announcement.

Featured Image: Immersion Imagery | Shutterstock