Film star starts with LCX film Fund in the cryptographic format

To Finance movies via the Blockchain, is the stated aim of an exciting partnership. Leader: MTV Movie Awards-winner Wesley Snipes.

Hollywood-size to expose crypto-Fund

Blockchain goes Hollywood? No less a person than the famous American actor Wesley Snipes (“Blade”trilogy, “The Expendables 3”, etc.) seems to have exactly this done. According to recent industry reports, Snipes would like to suggest, in a sense, a bridge between the crypto world and the film industry. Under the name “Daywalker Movie Fund” (DMF) wants to bring the Hollywood-size, a private crypto-Fund at the Start. As a Partner of the stock exchange LCX to be involved with headquarters in the Principality of Liechtenstein. The trading platform is by no means unknown. In the summer of 2018, we reported on a collaboration with Binance, so a still not equal to better-known exchange with customers around the world.

Investors will receive profit-sharing, and more

The establishment is sure to be no competition to Bitcoin, Ripple or Monero. But the project shows how diverse the application areas of digital currencies fail. The actor and LCX are working on the implementation of an investment Fund should, of course, make reference to the world of the film. A total of 25 million USD to amount to the tokenization in the end, as it is currently in the specialized media. Snipes would like to Finance in this way Movies and Shows for his own company, “Maandi House Studios”. A corresponding Security Token Offering to be held soon on the partner exchange. Snipes himself would seemingly apply with other experienced experts in the management of the Fund. Investors who enter in the coming of DMF tokens, to benefit from a range of special treatments and unrealized gains participate.

LCX also plans to own IEO media presence

The attendance at film premieres is to be an “extra service” for investors. Largely income of the Fund shall be re-invested. Quasi-parallel to this message LCX is known to be not only on the Token “made in Hollywood” involved. In addition, the stock exchange operator wants to emit the name of the same LCX Token via the partner platform Liquid. Investors should be able to apply its own currency within the growing Ecosystem of LCX. The stated goal is a demanding one. The stock market would be nothing less than one of the first Blockchain-banks with state license and regulation. In the course of this year, the provider launched several new products and offers – among other things, the so-called “LCX Terminal took up” his business. On this particular Instrument, the User can act with your Wallet on a number of exchanges, crypto-currencies of the Ark to Zcash.

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