Film criticism: IT: Chapter 2

Two years ago, washed IT: Chapter 1, about 700,000 million dollars in the box office and became the most successful Horror Film of all time. Not wrongly, as it turned out. Director Andy Muschietti provided a relatively free, but functional adaptation of Stephen king’s 1200 pages of heavy epic. The idea is to share the actually interwoven time levels in two films, proved to be a smart move. IT: Chapter 1 was so on the struggle of a small group of children against the monsters in the Clowns-Format focus and was a great Coming-of-Age Film with a pinch of Horror. Can now inspire the final confrontation between the Club, the losers, and IT is equally?


27 years have passed since the Club of the loser of the supernatural beings Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) taught the meaning of fear. Since then, have scattered its members in all directions, to each other, as well as the events in Derry, forget, and successful life lived. Bill Denbrough (James McAvoy) has become a successful writer and for his bad known. Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain) has made a name for themselves as fashion designers, but married with a house tyrant. Eddy Kaspbrak (James Ransone) earned as a risk Analyst his money and is under the thumb of his wife, the thing is disturbingly like a younger Version of his mother. Richie “Schandmaul” Dozier (Bill Hader) has his mouth on a damn good Stand-Up Comedian to be. And the once overweight Ben Hanscom (Jay Ryan) is mutated to a sexy architect. Only Mike Hanlon (Isaiah Mustafa) was back in Derry. Of the events of the day-embossed, pursued he, as a librarian and chronicler, the traces of IT in the past. As to disappear in Derry, the children start to attack Mike at the Incidence of the Club of the loser to remind you of your oath: Should IT ever return, will also be there to kill the Monster for good. And so they go to in Derry your greatest Fears. To Stan Uris (Andy Bean), taking a bath.


IT: Chapter 2 plays in our present and tells the story of how the adult Club of the loser for the last Time on Pennywise, the dancing Clown, hits. The Film is over long distances differently, as you would expect from a Stephen King adaptation. Was the first Chapter, surprisingly, with some Humor interspersed, puts IT: Chapter 2 of on top of it. This is to a large part of the presentation of Bill Hader owed to, the, the, it must be said, probably the best performance in the squad of adults. However, the General staging by the Director is designed for Comedy. Often be established, really successful, moments of Tension, and at the peak by an off-hand spell defused. You would IT: Chapter 2 to do wrong, would you claim that the Gags don’t work, but given the actually very dark template expects you not to.

Some critics have accused IT: Chapter 2 , that it, with its almost three hour running time to a long fails. This is a point of criticism I can’t personally write. On the contrary, I was quite surprised when it suddenly came to the final. I just had to be a lot of fun to watch, like Bill, Beverly and co. celebrated their very own reunion with Pennywise. The encounters with the child-devouring entity are usually implemented in a very creative and come up with a certain twinkle in the eye, therefore. So there was a return of the leper in Chapter 1. His appearance gave me a very disgusted way, to Smile, because he took me to Sam Raimi films like Evil Dead or Drag Me to Hell reminded. Real Horror comes in IT: Chapter 2 is rather rare, but to be honest, I find that the literary template rather by extreme brutality and cruelty towards children is characterized by strong Horror.

What, however, the aforementioned cruelty and brutality is concerned, remains as IT is: Chapter 2 of the novel owe nothing. It squirts the blood, flying body parts, and IT is portrayed more than ever as a hunting system, which the Clown used as bait, to be his naïve and innocent prey get hold of. Big praise to this point to Bill Skarsgård, which is the Pennywise embodied again with flying colors. Pennywise is not a Sadist, it’s just about to kill his former tormentors, no, he wants to see you suffer and despair, to shatter, before he devours you. Skarsgård gives the Clown an almost childish, hate-driven beings, to be somehow in the same moment disturbing and entertaining can. Without a doubt, the great strength of the novel adaptation.

Something disturbing I found the structure of the film. IT: Chapter 2 sometimes feels like a episodes Film. In the second third of the actually well-harmonised is separated, Cast to Derry in search of memories to sift through. Often, these individual episodes are dazzling, then back into the past divided. The Transitions in the Childhood of the characters, in which we see the friendly force from Chapter 1, are made of super, since you sacrifice most of the time on a cut. Still feel IT: Chapter 2 not as a whole do work.

I love the books of Stephen King. But I as a Fan admit that the master is very good at mysteries, but it is absolutely bad masters this is a cool way to resolve – a fact which is also in IT: Chapter 2 more than once are highlighted. Also in IT was the author of various decisions in his narration made to me the essence behind the mask of the clown almost ruined. In this respect, I looked with a nagging Doubt in the direction of IT: Chapter 2. Would the Film it create this error (for me) to fix? The answer is: “Yes!”. They suggest the origin of the monster, without having to take him to the mysterious. Even his “true” Form was a compromise, which I found to be very suitable.


IT: Chapter 2 is, in my eyes, a bit weaker than its predecessor. What is more to its narrative structure, as in the staging. The sequel to surprised with some of the more well-functioning, humorous moments. But the Horror that would provide the fabric, maybe. In terms of brutality, the film adaptation of his template is lagging behind at any Moment. Andy Muschietti makes the blood flow drives what is the cruelty of the prey of the clown’s resistance. You realize IT is: Chapter 2 of the higher Budget significantly. The Film is of high quality filmed, looks very good, and to persuade the effects. The Cast is good across the Board, but only Bill Hader and Bill Skarsgård truly stand out. Is IT: Chapter 2 so, a good book adaptation? If you look at it strictly, perhaps, because one takes some liberties compared to the original – not always to the detriment of the story! You can see IT: Chapter 2 and its predecessor, however, as separate works, they work as such a great one!