Ethereum killer TRON soon available in shops worldwide thanks to Poppy

TRON makes great progress in the further development of his project, so one day it wants to pass arch-enemy Ethereum by. A new payment system will enable traders worldwide to trade TRON (TRX) and other tokens promptly.

The TRON payment platform is to be called “Poppy” and run on cloud-based Anrdoid Point of Sale software Clover, which already uses payment forms such as Visa and Mastercard. Clover users downloading the Poppy app can trade TRX and other tokens.

Poppy will accept payments with TRONCards that look like a normal credit card. The TRONCard will be directly connected to a TRON Wallet and will process all transactions via a Wallet selected by the user.

Poppy is developed by SesameSeed, a crowdsourcing based DApp-accelerator based on TRON, with the help of which other DApps should receive financing through the Cumminty voting system.

Poppy describes that there are only a few digital currencies that have reached a comparable level of adaptation to state-legal Fiat currencies:

Since its development, the ability to pay quickly and effortlessly for everyday purchases has been the goal of many crypto currencies. To this day, there are few who have succeeded in acting freely in the world. Merchants and retailers will still not be able to accept crypto currency payments at the store or online.

Poppy was developed to solve this problem by bridging both crypto and fiat payments, using TRX and other TRON tokens with additional support for Visa, MasterCard and cash payments, and offering a rich functionality in terms of its payment and redemption platform. With the innovative use of Clover POS, TRON Blockchain, TronCard and Seedit, Poppy offers merchants and retailers the freedom to conduct crypto currency transactions quickly and efficiently worldwide and online.

The project is currently trying to raise a quarter of a million dollars in follow-up funding by collecting money from Sesamseed and the TRON community. This video explains briefly what Poppy is all about.

We are curious if Poppy will manage to get into the mainstream and if there will be any effects on the course of TRON. TRON was also affected by yesterday’s price slump and has recorded a price drop of – 1.57 percent to a price of 0.022 USD within the last 24 hours.